Speed Networking: 6 Tip Planned Approach to Networking Follow-up

The only thing “speedy” about speed networking is the number of people you meet. To increase your success of finding potential connectors, collaborators or customers, it’s crucial you follow-up. You opened the door and so it’s up to you, not the prospect, to keep that door open. Here are the top six tips to consider in your follow-up planning:[Continue Reading…]

Speed Networking: How to Plan Your Follow Up and Follow Through

Did you know that if you do not follow up with prospective clients, connectors and even possible collaborators, that you can leave up to 80% of your sales on the table? And when you struggle and aren’t diligent with follow-up, you leave that prospect in the hands of competitors ready to turn your work into their sales success?

Aye yae yae – all the time and energy goes to setting things up for someone else’s timing.

The pace of your follow-up after any kind of meeting, speed networking or networking in general, should match both your style and your prospective customers. Everyone is unique. How do you know then whether the schedule might be monthly, quarterly or something else? How do you know what to include in your follow-up plan?[Continue Reading…]

Speed Networking: What IS the Point Without the Follow Through?

If you are following this Speed Networking blog post series, you’ll find most tips can be of help to any kind of networking, in-person, online, speed or otherwise. You may shiver in your shoes and find that pen quivering in your hands just thinking about the follow up. Let me put this out there my friends: don’t even BOTHER with the networking, speed or otherwise, if you don’t plan for a purposeful way of follow-up. You’re just behaving like a spinning top if you do so. Consider what you’ve done at any one event, before you scatter off to the next:[Continue Reading…]

Speed Networking: Launch Your Elevator Pitch Rocket with Care

In speed networking, you share time with your partner, usually within a 4 to 6 minute time-frame. Respecting your time, and your new connection’s means to hold back that rocket of self-interest enthusiasm and instead to launch a rocket that is more other-focused. Here are some key points to help your elevator pitch take that possibly different course: [Continue Reading…]

Turn Speed Networking Elevator Pitch into a Flow of Positive Connection

Meeting 20 or more people at a speed networking event means you want to hit the highlights with your elevator pitch. This is no time for verbal diarrhea to tell everything about you, your company, your dog, your family. It’s fine if you like to, go with the flow or shoot from the hip as long as you know you are sharing the short amount of time to do so. Here’s how to focus and engage that enthusiasm with clarity:[Continue Reading…]

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