Speed Networking: Help Your Business Card Help You

Everywhere you look these days there is a speed networking event! These structured fast-paced events can leave you scratching your head after wards unless you are focused and prepared. From business cards, elevator pitches, listening, asking questions and being a go-giver, there are many ways to find just who you want at these events. The first thing you want to prepare for is to make good use of your business cards. Here are some things to consider about this:

    1. Find out in advance how many people the facilitator expects that you will meet at the event. You want to bring more cards than that if you are one to sometimes say, “Oh I forgot my business cards.” In making that first impression, it matter as much about what you think about yourself but what others might believe.

    2. Have business cards handy without the need to fumble to exchange them.

    3. Upon receiving someone else’s card, pause to look at it, say their name aloud while you look at them. When you get ready to move on to your next round, do the same before you leave each other. Now, you are one step closer to tyng this person to the discussion you had.

    4. Have a pad or a networking journal along with a pen or pencil for notes in conversations that you want to keep top of mind.

With speed networking being as popular for finding contacts and referrals as speed dating is for finding that certain someone, you will look your best being prepared. Many think it starts with the business card. If you are an introvert you’re going to love the preparedness. If you are an extrovert, you’ll likely have all the business cards you need!

What other ways have you let your business card help you?

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  1. I list on the back of the card key points I want them to remember so they do not need to jot it down.


  2. These tips are all so logical, yet we somehow forget to do some of them!

    For trade shows I do the same thing. I always take a pad and pen with me because when you meet so many vendors, it isn’t always easy to remember what products you liked just based on a business card.

    If you sell products (like me) I think it’s always a good practice to include your biz card with any order you ship.

  3. Rob, yes notes right on the back of someone’s card is an easy point of reference.

    Stacey, we could extend your idea of including your biz card with any product order, to include your biz card with a “nice to meet you” hand written note.

    Thank you Rob and Stacey.

  4. Speed networking is so fast paced it is easier for me to write on the card. I also write something about their personality or appearance so I can review the cards before my next event. People love it if you can remember their name and business.

  5. Great idea Julia to make notes to jog your memory about how they look or act! Thanks.

  6. Catarina Alexon says

    Good points Patricia!

    Am really used to network at huge international events with heads of states and other dignitaries. It’s much easier for a woman since they prefer to talk to a member of the opposite sex.

    I always ask them what I want at the event and arrange to follow up with them or whoever they delegate it to. Easy. But if you don’t follow up nothing will ever happen.

  7. Follow-up IS where the rubber meets the road and you’ll see some tips in an upcoming blog posts.

    You make a valid point about the larger vs smaller event expectations. Thanks Catarina.


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