Want to Attract More Ideal Clients? Know your giving style

What does it mean to give? Not give-up, or give in or – but being a giver. With most of us so focused on ourselves much of the time somehow we still find time to be a giver in some way. Knowing your giving style offers you the ability to have an alternative version that can let you find more fulfillment in your life and work.

Want to Attract More Ideal Clients? Know your giving style

Not-So-Often and Begrudging Giver: This giving only on a “have to” basis. You know the expressions and quotations, “It’s better to give than receive,” “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.” In an African folktale The Collared Crow, a farmer and his wife who have no children are faced with a desperate situation. The crows come and eat the seeds as they are sowing the fields. As they are planting seeds, one crow encourages them to give the last remaining ones to the birds. After obliging, they are rewarded for their giving with eight children. You know stories like this. Giving infrequently or giving begrudgingly when done with good intentions can still be rewarding.

Cheerful and Extravagant Giver: In the bible, Solomon often did what he did in a large way. Consider that Solomon had the gift of wisdom when discerning this type of giving. He’s credited with giving three thousand proverbs and over one thousand songs. He built a temple and a palace for the people and himself to enjoy with splendor like no other at the time. People came to listen to his wisdom and he was famous in surrounding nations. He didn’t hide his giving or shy away from the recognition it gave him, instead it grew larger.

Go-Getter Giving: Who comes to your mind when you think of Go-Getter? Donald Trump maybe? Ted Turner? People usually think of leaders and people of action or who make things happen as that person with a fire under them. Sometimes they may come on aggressively or highly energetically. In every action they take, even if it’s with something in it for them first, there is either by chance or indirectly, a giving for a common good.

Go-Giver: Bob Burg and John David Mann authored the Go-Giver one of my favorite all time books. It’s a story of Joe who is a Go-Getter but one day feels as if this style just isn’t working for him. Then through a series of introductions through a legendary consultant to various people Joe’s focus changes. The Go-Giver focus puts other people’s interest first, regularly adding value and then attracting rewards unintentionally.

Who can say what style is best? Likely it’s only you. What’s more likely is that there are times when you are one giver style or another and to know, how is your style working for you? However you give, you:

– find greater happiness and joy,
– clear the way for more to come to you,
– connect more deeply, and
– help others.

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  1. Hi Pat, This really struck a chord. It wasn’t until I made it OK for myself to embrace my natural go-giver style that I began to really enjoy networking. I have an extrovert sales friend I was trying to copy and just came away from networking events feeling really “icky.” I let it keep me from being a successful networker – for a while. But then I joined one of Dr. Ivan Misner’s BNI chapters locally – motto is “Givers Gain” – and it has actually been fun and helped me to double my revenue in a year! I recommend it – thanks for sharing this great article and for all you do. Kathy

  2. You got it Kathy! We introverts almost have that giving style naturally. You may be interested in my interviewing John David Mann on the release of he and Bob Burg’s new Go-Giver book, Go-Givers – Sell More! You can join us for free at, http://www.blitztime.com/events/3869-1128765522

    Hope to meet you there.

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