Your invitation to a #BlogHop of writing passion

What a pleasant surprise to receive an invitation to Blog Hop! When I first heard the term a couple of years ago I thought, “Wow, that sounds fun. I wonder if it’s like one of my favorite childhood games, hop scotch?”

Enjoy “hopping” to the different blogs featured here. Broaden your contact sphere.

My invitation to blog hop, came from one of my long time blogging friends. I met A.K. (Kathy) Andrew on LinkedIn. Here’s a bit about the woman who invited me to this blog hop:

AK_AndrewA.K. Andrew was born in England, where she worked as a schoolteacher before becoming a Community Arts photographer and screen-printer in London.

In the ensuing twenty years, San Francisco became her home, and in it’s atmosphere of breaking boundaries and creative expression, A.K. became a painter and ultimately a writer. During a spell of living back in the UK, she completed a Creative Writing Certificate at the University of Sussex, Brighton in 2010.

Her current novel, in its final draft stage, is Under The Bed. Set during the Vietnam era in NYC, two women, a generation apart, each burdened by guilt regarding the death of a sibling, find their own lives in danger, when the older woman’s brush with McCarthyism emerges during their collaboration on her autobiography.

A.K. Andrew now lives in Northern California.

She blogs at

A.K.s writing is superb. Every sentence pulls you in and gets you ready for the next one. So do hop over to hers only, once you finish reading here!

Part of this assignment is to blog post on the writing process, answering the four questions below.[Continue Reading...]

Contest for 8 Best Blog Posts about Hashtagify #Hashtag Secrets

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti /

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti /

Hashtags, words we use to label and search social media, are like keywords. If you are still work  only with keywords, then it’s time to understand what is more typical in many social media users hands and that is hashtags.

Most of the major social media platforms use hashtags: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are a few where the use of hashtags can help you be more findable.

But just like we might analyze the right key words, a similar understanding of hashtags will help increase visitors to your blog or website.

Here is how and where you get to learn from the best analysis of eight selected bloggers who revealed their use of one particularly advanced hashtag tool.[Continue Reading...]

Planning Your Blog around the Holidays

holiday-blogging-introvertsDecember again, and that means the holidays are back! It’s time to deck the halls, light the candles and join in the spirit of the time of year. Between getting and giving presents, attending parties and finishing up the rest of 2013’s work ‘stuff’, probably the last thing on your mind is managing your blog. After all, this extremely social time of year can be physically and emotionally draining.  It can be easy to let your blog fall by the wayside, but it’s important to follow your routine.

During the holidays, your readers will still be looking for new content. Blog followers can be impatient, so if you go without new posts for a few weeks, they will start to look for alternatives to your blog. By the time January rolls around, it may be too late to win them back. Here are a few simple tips on planning ahead this December to keep up with your blog and everything else on your plate during the holidays.[Continue Reading...]

Make Your List: People Who Lead Introvert Conversations on Twitter

Often when I blog or write a chapter for a book, I use lists. On Twitter one of the lists I created and follow is named, innie-talk,, of people who lead introvert conversations on Twitter.

For the most part, people love to use and write lists. On occasion as you may know I have used to create various lists like:

Quotations and funny sayings to make any introvert proud

Introvert Video Arcade: For, By and About #Introverts

This week one of the co-founders of, Nick Kellet, asked me to consider pulling one of my Twitter lists into during their Beta test. Huh? I was curious about why, and asked what would be the benefit.[Continue Reading...]

How to Write and Submit Guest Blog Posts that Get Results


“Hands Touching Like Button” by ponsuwan on

In the early days of hosting my blog, when I would occasionally yet blindly accept guest blog posts, both the writer and I deserved what we got: dismal results. How to write and submit guest blog posts that get results points to some mistakes we want to avoid.

When I started thinking about some top points, it came to me that being a welcome guest blogger follows some of the same rules we likely put to our own writing for the blog that we host! [Continue Reading...]