Introvert Blog Spotlight: 1 of Best 44 Sales Blogs

This global recognition was a complete surprise, and recognition like this is worth celebrating! Thank you, Market Inspector, a leading business to business marketplace for companies in Europe, for this recognition: Introvert Blog Spotlight: 1 of Best 44 Sales Blogs

The Best Sales Blogs in 2016 by Market Inspector

Sure it’s free publicity. I’ll take it! It’s also a reason to blog. I’m doing that!

Who does not like being recognized for their efforts? Some research finds the introvert, and extrovert brain are different in our processing external “reward” cues.

Then I get to change the label from reward to recognition to be able to get the most out of this experience.

Receiving recognition is more than these two benefits. Here are a few to consider when you want to accept credit for your work in any way. Here are some other reasons I feel recognition allows extroverts and introverts alike to benefit:

Introvert Blog Spotlight: 1 of Best 44 Sales Blogs

Introvert_Blog_Spotlight:_1_of_Best_44_Sales_BlogsRecognition can broaden your community

With this blog’s focus on business and life issues that a more introverted personality might face, I know Market Inspector, named my blog in this category because there are at least 190 blog posts of 520 that have to do with sales or selling. They also understood the underlying message for us in work and life:

Are you struggling with stress and energy drain at work? You might want to view Patricia’s articles – we are sure you will find some useful tips.

Welcome here whether you are in sales or not but tend to find yourself seeking more relief and vitality through your work and life.

Gives your voice a boost

All of us in business want our voice to be heard. With the red ocean which internet marketing exists in today, the strength of being recognized by a company or someone simply appreciating your work can help any one voice to be heard louder.Introvert_Blog_Spotlight:_1_of_Best_44_Sales_Blogs

As introverts, we might believe the loudest voices get heard. It’s more the situation that we want to know when our voice is listened to, we can have the same chance as anyone for a promotion at work, a boost in acceptance of our ideas, or our views helping others in similar situations.


Rejecting the idea of recognition does little to help our self-confidence. It can be a rejection of our self-worth.

Rejecting the idea we are not worthy, something discussed at length in Communication Toolkit for Introverts allows us to inspire others, respect us and understand they too are worthy.

“It’s so ironic – when you finally achieve recognition, you hide behind dark glasses.” Madhuri Dixit, actress

Introverts can have self-confidence, which simply put is faith in who they are and their abilities.

Why would we want to stop yourself from being competent in our communications? Talk about wasted time and energy!

All any recognition essentially does is raise, not necessarily create, confidence. Who can’t use a lift like this now and then?

Proves stereotyping or labeling can hinder us 


CC BY by m01229

Those of you who know me may recall, it was not until about 8 or 10 years into my sales and management career I discovered my personality preference as one more introverted. I loved being in the spotlight for top sales person of the year, top 10% of sales managers in a national company, and being selected for community awards.

I somehow followed the wrong career path to go into a profession requiring strong social skills. By the way, selling also requires research, listening and focus – sound like your strengths?

Believing both stereotypical statements and allowing research to peg us is not always helpful. Or else not knowing my brain is different than someone more extroverted allowed me to enjoy external rewards! For me, any direction a reward or recogntion comes from, is a motivator.

Right, that internal monkey mind of mine would have lavished me with appreciation. All that fanfare would have meant little to me. I also would likely blush instead of smile beamingly with recognition for the results of my hard work.


Bring on the recognition that brings benefits not always easily received. We all might benefit from my voice in this recognition: Introvert Blog Spotlight: 1 of Best 44 Sales Blogs

Do you tend to avoid or welcome recognition?

Why? What does it do for you?

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  1. Jeannette Paladino

    I love recognition, are you kidding?! I know some people shy away, “Awww, I’m not that good.” That’s a lack of self-esteem. If you’ve done something great, accept the praise. Congrats to you, Patricia, for this well deserved recognition.

  2. Congratulations, Patricia! You deserve it. Am delighted for you!! Keep up the good work.
    Catarina recently posted…Do you have a language strategy?My Profile

  3. Congratulations, Patricia! When I started out in the workplace, I didn’t want to be recognized. Until one day, I had a boss that said, allow the acknowledgment in. If you don’t know what to say, just say, “thank you.” That was the best advice. Now, it is a lot easier to accept acknowledgment.

  4. Congratulations. Well-deserved. And yes, I think we all like to be recognized now and again, even if that isn’t the primary motivator for what we do.
    Donna Janke recently posted…History and Architecture Photo TourMy Profile

  5. Congratulations Patrica!
    You deserve this recognition! I have always admired your blog and followed your articles.
    When we put sincere efforts in our work, sooner or later recognition comes from different directions.
    Happy for you.
    Keep writing more.
    Tuhin recently posted…6 Things To Do After A FailureMy Profile

  6. Congratulations on this recognition. It shows you can have a larger voice without raising your voice.
    Ken Dowell recently posted…Theme Parks: The Unusual, the Outrageous and the Outright AwfulMy Profile

  7. Of course I like recognition but this is not my main motive for pushing forward. There will be times you receive praise and times you will feel overlooked. This is where self confidence and assurity of your abilities will come into play.
    Phoenicia recently posted…Do you enjoy “the” moment?My Profile

  8. Congrats on the reward and recognition! That is well deserved.

    Personally, I love receiving rewards or recognition. But when people praise me in person, I can get a little shy. Something about the face to face recognition that is harder for me to take in.
    Erica recently posted…Gluten-Free Diets: Fact vs FictionMy Profile

  9. It is important not how loud you say it, but what you say that counts.
    As for me, I never accept recognition, it is not in my nature. I believe this is being an introvert, and also my martial arts background where I was taught humility was a true virtue of a warrior.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    William Rusho recently posted…Market of the Moons Renaissance FaireMy Profile

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