Raffle Fun and Free Giveaway for: Communication Toolkit for Introverts

With a book release being somewhat like a roller coaster of events, there is really, no time like the present for all things marketing. Besides… I’m one who likes to have fun no matter what is happening, and it is time for some raffle fun and a free giveaway.

Raffle Fun and Free Giveaway for: Communication Toolkit for Introverts

Since the publisher has one hold-up, due to an issue with the final editing staff, it’s still time to keep going. The twist of it is, to have some fun during the wait!

The publisher is more than agreeable to make several copies (PDF and paperback) available for this. You’ll see there are 3 (three) different prizes.

I’m using Rafflecopter to make life easy! Rafflecopter has the tools that a) randomly selects a number of winners from the entrants pool b) help to verify the winners’ entries & c) announce the winners directly on the widget.

All raffle entry details and your chance to enter are below, starting Friday August 29, 2014 at 6am EST. It will end on Friday September 19, 2014 at 6am EST.

I will post winners names the week of September 22, 2014.

So whether you call it a raffle or sweepstake, these books are given away to winners selected at random, at no cost regardless of the format.

Good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ah if only there were other kinds of “Copters” for other life situations.

Imagine this with me: you’ve written a book, it’s all edited, but the book is stuck some where in between the final edit and proof and the publication.

A “PublishCopter” approaches and hovers over the publisher.

“PublisherCopter” creates enough turbulence with it’s wings that every word on every page falls right into place.

Next thing is the book goes to print.

“PublishCopter” is printing out copies for distribution through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and others.

Your book launch and book tour has begun. Oh wait!

I’m not at this stage yet. It sure was feeling good though.

But remember, it’s time for some fun. There are plenty of ways for you to enter.

The prizes are plentiful: 3 copies of the downloadable PDF, 1 copy of the paperback, and 1 copy of the paperback with a coaching session if you would like.

Much thanks to the generosity of my publisher.

On to the raffle fun and free giveaways for you. 

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Bad drama and good stories for introverts to navigate

good_and_bad_dramaI’m a sucker for assessments. Personal assessments. I found one today you might be interested in about how to communicate from your strengths. You know my rant about using your strengths as someone more introverted? That’s what drew me to it. Plus, it’s free; even more of a draw. I’ll share it with you at the end – or jump to the end now. It’s there.

I didn’t like the results of this assessment. Hahaha.

It identified my two top strengths and revealed a quieter strength that I have which I don’t often use. Why the heck did I have to focus on the negative again?

That got me to thinking about bad and good drama.

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Could an introvert, even extrovert, be their own worst enemy?


introvert enemyOn a recent radio show guest appearance, helping introverts to sort out their ability to succeed in sales, it occurred to me how the label is not effectively serving some introverts. Then as serendipitous events go, an online training course came my way bringing up this issue in another way. With continued misconceptions, whether we are an introvert or extrovert we might be our own worst enemy.

Introvert label enemy

When you look in a mirror do you stop and think, “Hey I’m an introvert,” or maybe an extrovert? I sure as heck do not. I’m looking for those friendly frown lines, that stray eyebrow lash, and in a full-length mirror looking at how I like the color of the shirt I picked for the day.

But step away from the mirror and you will find a different kind of thinking. It’s those thoughts, ideas and ramblings in your head of another kind.

Like, “Hey, I’m an introvert and I can’t succeed in sales,” or “My introversion doesn’t make it possible for me to enjoy networking.” If you want to believe these labels you are carrying around, then they have boxed you in.

Just who is in control of what we believe? We are![Continue Reading...]

Top BS Facts about Introvert Experiences You Might Think Are True

One of my weaknesses, even with knowing it is a totally useless way to be or act, is judging who I am by comparing myself to others. Do you ever get that way? As I regularly say about it, it’s a win-lose proposition. This can only add to the top BS facts about introvert experiences you might think are true.

That’s my sign to take some additional time to get my head and heart cleared. And, get happy.

Award winning photo by Christopher Weber

Award winning photo by Christopher Weber

The clearing started to lift yesterday afternoon after just a few hours of being down on myself, in my head of course.

With every good intention to write a couple of blog posts to queue up since I am traveling next week, the venom of judging myself delayed me until getting in a better space. That’s when I realized it could be because of BS facts about introvert experiences. Experiences you might think are true.

In my humble opinion here are a few of those top BS facts:[Continue Reading...]

4 Specifics to Celebrate for Introvert Freedom


Copyright, Christopher Lee Weber

With the spirit of the July 4th holiday we are celebrating in the USA, it got me wondering, how is an introvert free?

Are we free from something or free to something?

The holiday is all about independence and freedom but the political nature of freedom is a topic for a different blog. As I started researching freedom it was quite evident this is a huge topic. What Price Freedom,,a blog post by Julia Barnickle, states people when asked to identify their top value will mostly say, freedom.

In looking at my own list of top five values while I didn’t find the specific word, it is obvious my values are centered in freedom.

It just might be true that in some way, we all value freedom.

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