5 Scripts to Help Introverts Survive – and Even ENJOY a Networking Event – Part 2

5 Scripts to Help Introverts Survive – and Even ENJOY a Networking Event, was just the beginning when Marsha Shandur gave the step by step in how to start and then move a conversation along.

Then as talking moves along, we are also going to have to answer questions! And like it or not, there will need to be follow-up by us in certain instances. Then finally, there are times we are going to want to leave a conversation for whatever reason. Well Marsha has some scripts for those situations too.[Continue Reading...]

5 Scripts to Help Introverts Survive – and Even ENJOY a Networking Event – Part 1

It’s amazing how many introverts have all kinds of tips for so much extroverting in our business world. So much that sometimes, like in this guest post by Marsha Shandur, the content has to be Part 1 and Part 2. Here are the first two of five easy and doable ideas in Part 1 of:

5 Scripts to Help Introverts Survive – and Even ENJOY a Networking Event

Just be yourself!”.

Just talk to people – they’re only people, just like you!”.

Have fun and relax – the conversation will come naturally!”.

This kind of advice for going to a networking event is well-meant – but is advice that I find useless. For me, it’s the equivalent of trying to teach me to cook by saying, “Just add some onion!” “Cook it for a bit, not too long!”. The kind of advice that sends me into a tailspin – and leads to me ruining dinner.

When I’m nervous about something, I like specific instructions.[Continue Reading...]

Managing as an Introvert and a Highly Sensitive Person: Bright Lights and Clothing Tags


As coincidence would have it, the topic of HSPs, highly sensitive persons, started being discussed in one of the introvert LinkedIn groups I belong too, at the same time this guest blogger, Jenn Granneman, emailed me her post.

It’s so spot on.

Now, keep in mind, you can be either an introvert or an extrovert and be an HSP.

What do you think – are you an HSP too? Here’s Jenn’s experience:

Some days on my lunch break, I just need to be in my classroom alone, with the door shut and the lights turned down. I don’t listen to music, I don’t check my phone, and I don’t try to multi-task by answering emails at the same time. I just sit quietly, let my mind relax and go where it wants, and eat my lunch.

I’m not doing this because I’m anti-social. I enjoy the relationships I have with my colleagues, and I’m pretty active with them socially. I love my job as a 4th grade teacher, and I have fun with my students.

The truth is, not only am I an introvert, but I’m also a highly sensitive person (an HSP, for short). Sometimes I need a break from the constant noise, activity, and stimulation that come from the work day (and especially from teaching rambunctious 4th graders!). My colleagues recharge by chatting with each other, but I need quiet space alone.

A highly sensitive person is someone who processes sensory data more deeply and thoroughly. An HSP’s nervous system is actually different –it’s uncommonly sensitive. This allows HSPs to pick up on subtleties in their environments that non-HSPs might miss.[Continue Reading...]

How to Boost Creativity – the Introverted Way

Creative-IntrovertsCreativity and introversion often go hand-in-hand.  Michaela Chung is guest blogging this, How to Boost Creativity – the Introverted Way. It is commonly accepted that creating art requires a certain degree of introspection and aloneness. We have a romanticized view of painters and poets as sensitive loners or emotional eccentrics.  After all, many of the greatest artists in history were exceptionally introverted.  Henry David Thoreau used to spend several hours a day walking through the woods alone. Pablo Picasso was adamant that “without great solitude, no serious work is possible.”

But what about the less obvious artists among us? What about the entrepreneurs, computer developers, scientists and advertising execs? Their jobs require creativity, too.  And, yet, our society isn’t as willing to accept the introverted advertising executive as it is the loner painter.

Many companies squash introverted creativity by focusing on groupthink and constant collaboration. This is unfortunate because introverts know a thing or two about how best to facilitate creativity.  Actually, there are five major ways that embracing introversion can boost creativity.[Continue Reading...]

Your invitation to a #BlogHop of writing passion

What a pleasant surprise to receive an invitation to Blog Hop! When I first heard the term a couple of years ago I thought, “Wow, that sounds fun. I wonder if it’s like one of my favorite childhood games, hop scotch?”

Enjoy “hopping” to the different blogs featured here. Broaden your contact sphere.

My invitation to blog hop, came from one of my long time blogging friends. I met A.K. (Kathy) Andrew on LinkedIn. Here’s a bit about the woman who invited me to this blog hop:

AK_AndrewA.K. Andrew was born in England, where she worked as a schoolteacher before becoming a Community Arts photographer and screen-printer in London.

In the ensuing twenty years, San Francisco became her home, and in it’s atmosphere of breaking boundaries and creative expression, A.K. became a painter and ultimately a writer. During a spell of living back in the UK, she completed a Creative Writing Certificate at the University of Sussex, Brighton in 2010.

Her current novel, in its final draft stage, is Under The Bed. Set during the Vietnam era in NYC, two women, a generation apart, each burdened by guilt regarding the death of a sibling, find their own lives in danger, when the older woman’s brush with McCarthyism emerges during their collaboration on her autobiography.

A.K. Andrew now lives in Northern California.

She blogs at http://akandrew.com/blog-a-writers-notebook/

A.K.s writing is superb. Every sentence pulls you in and gets you ready for the next one. So do hop over to hers only, once you finish reading here!

Part of this assignment is to blog post on the writing process, answering the four questions below.[Continue Reading...]