Use Your Personality Better to Stand Out from Others #infographic


Mark 4:21-22

Instead of trying to be something different why not use your personality to stand out from others? In preparing for a guest speaker program, not all ideas make it to the platform. But as with a couple of events in my husband’s and my life, just because some movie moments make it to the cutting room floor, hardly means they are wasted.

Sometimes, to stand out, you may find you try too hard or go too far. It’s difficult to say in my coaching experiences, how many of those of us more introverted may have claimed something like, “If only I were more extroverted.” That can be extreme. Going to the extreme is not always the best way to make yourself stand out from others.

Instead of trying to be something different why not use your personality to your advantage? Why not incorporate your traits and characteristics and use them to get noticed? After all, with half of us having a more introverted preference, if you disguise yourself, no one can benefit from your value.

Use Your Personality Better to Stand Out from Others #infographic

Stand out being yourself

Use_Your_Personality_Better_to_Stand_Out_from_Others_#infographicIn life introverts typically spend more time in listening than talking. Listening more than talking doesn’t mean we listen well but it does give us more opportunities to do so.

Consider in networking; we can listen to understand, and then respond later. This way is an introvert-friendly approach! A good amount of research verifies, when a prospective customer feels we are listening, we build trust. Knowing our listening is one way we make fewer, but profound and long lasting relationships is nothing to hide.

Why? Not everyone can stay in a listening mode as long as others.

Fortunately, listening is natural for introverts.

Let’s take the listening trait further. Maybe you are passionate about a hobby, or life experience. Bring your passion out, be proud of your interest, your hobby, or enthusiasm, and use it to your advantage.

Think about how you can demonstrate your interest, your hobby, or passion around something you hear in a conversation. One of my passions is exercise. Even when I get in a slump, I’m on the search for an online community with a challenge to motivate me. Or when I am in the flow, I change up my routine frequently.

People often talk about health, fitness, being down, bored, you name it. It’s now second nature for me to stand out showing “I heard you” by pivoting to my passions.

This level of passion isn’t about preaching this type of lifestyle to people. It just means not being afraid to reveal what you love to those around you.

Safeguard your energy

For some of us just thinking about stepping into our power can drain our energy. Avoid this kind of result.

Consider what skills you possess. If you are in sales, marketing or a business owner look for ways you can stand out on a more personal level and at the same time be true to your more sensitive nature.

Do you love to write, then use this in your business if possible. Start a monthly free newsletter or give out printed or downloadable quotes or tips that relate to your business.

My online friend Karyn Kulenovic asked me to be a speaker on THE INTEGRATED EMPATH: How to Turn Your Gift of Sensitivity into a Joyful Life and Business that Serves the World!   I’ll be speaking alongside fellow highly influential Empaths, even some introverts, ready to give you ideas to step into your power and stand out from others confidently.

Challenge your thinking

Maybe you are under an assumption, that the more extroverted of us are better in particular as relates to business, in roles that include sales and networking.

Actually, there is zero correlation between either a personality type and sales performance – zero, big goose egg.


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In business and life, our ability to be happy and succeed is more about using who we are to our advantage.

What have you found about how you can use your personality to stand out just that little bit more, whether in business or life?


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  1. Jeannette Paladino

    I think introverts can be better salespeople because they tend to think first before talking or expressing an opinion. Extroverts are more likely to wing it. Some depend on their outgoing nature to make a sale but if you’re in your prospect’s face and don’t listen you’ll just irritate the prospect. So, I agree, personality type doesn’t equate to success.

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