9 worst people for introverts to be with in elevators #infographic

9 worst people for introverts to be with in elevators #infographic

If mindfulness, meditation and being grateful can’t get you to a place of peace, this just might be the little bit of humor to help ease whatever pain you might find!

When I saw this elevator #infographic I smiled, chuckled and laughed aloud. Of course with it being in the context of the more introverted of us it rings all too true an experience.

Caveat: it’s really not elevators that are a problem. The issue is what people who ride elevators often do that can be disruptive.

Here are a few highlights for me of some of

9 worst people for introverts to be with in elevators

Chime in!

9 worst people for introverts to be with in elevators #infographic#2 The Hot Seat – Whether a boss, a co-worker or an acquaintance, small talk is something I just avoid, and not just in an elevator. When it is it an elevator, pressing the number to my floor to get me to my destination more quickly seems like a solution.

#4 Front Row at the Peep Show – I’m married to an extrovert. What I appreciate is a venture out into different experiences in the world because of him. Take going to a local comedy for over a year. At first, we sat in comfortable mid-theater seats. Then he wanted to move right up front. Eventually, he wanted to wear his most outrageous shirt up front, first row. Why? Because he loves being “on stage” with the comedians. Being that close makes me wish I’d said no.


# 6 It’s Just a Prank – Many pranks I’ve seen just are not all that funny. To even contemplate of a joke in an elevator makes me cringe. Most just seem to play to people’s believed weaknesses. Is that amusing? Maybe if it’s not too personal in a negative way. One year a top salesperson on my team gifted me at Christmas with a pair of construction worker boots. Message: You are a kick ass, take no prisoners, sales manager. I was. We all laughed.


CC BY-NC-ND by Euan Slorach

#8 Two Sardines – Personal space is important to everyone I’d suspect. If one other person, who I don’t know, and I are sharing my space, I’m likely to turn, look directly at them in the eye and say, “Excuuuuse me.” Since personally preferred distance differs by personality and culture, I can only imagine the potential issues with this happening in an elevator.

I was so glad not to find that any of these worst situations involve getting stuck in an elevator! Being stuck in an elevator  is something both my husband and I have experience with, and on which we agree: it’s one of the most worrisome experiences.

What concern make you avoid elevators, if you do?

What’s the worst situation you’ve encountered in riding an elevator? Any from the

9 worst people for introverts to be with in elevators ?

Inspired by brainstorming at MyBlogU.

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  1. Jeannette Paladino

    Patricia, this is a fun post and I can relate. My husband thought it was funny if we got in a crowded elevator and he would turn and say to everyone, “You’re probably wondering why I’ve called you altogether.” I would just cringe.

  2. You don’t have to be an introvert to hate being trapped in a Dutch oven.

  3. Thx for this post, Pat. Even though I’m an extrovert and elevator rides don’t bother me, there is on occasion, an embracing moment when my husband–who’s even more extroverted than me!–will say something embarrassing to me like “You wanna dance?” “Or you want to get kissed?” I can certainly live without those moments.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted…fab Grenada resorts to please your palateMy Profile

  4. These really are funny!

    The two which hit home the most are “small talk” and “two sardines”. I struggle with on the surface talk at times, especially in large groups. I most certainly do not like my space being invaded.
    Phoenicia recently posted…Where do you go for inspiration?My Profile

  5. I guess I’ve been lucky. Most of my elevator rides are in silence and uneventful. I think that is the thing about living in a crowded city. There is an understood agreement that we give each other space and strangers are much less likely to talk to each other on the street. Having said that, I’m very lucky to say I’ve never been in an elevator with a scary bug or a mouse. That would make for a very panicked elevator ride. Such a cute infographic.
    Erica recently posted…Relax! 30 Ways to Chill the (Bleep) Out!My Profile

  6. Makes me laugh even though, for once, I can’t relate at all to feeling uncomfortable in the situations covered.

    A refugee who came from Africa to Europe told me what it’s like to be packed as sardines in a boat going from Libya to Italy. They have to pee and make number two in their pants for several hours. No human being, extrovert and introvert, would like that.
    Catarina recently posted…Get back in the saddle again!My Profile

  7. The personal space issue would be the most uncomfortable for me. I will just wait for the next elevator if the elevator has several people in it. Thanks for sharing this fun infographic. I never saw this before. =)
    Sabrina Quairoli recently posted…How to remove stains from oak countersMy Profile

  8. Great infographic. I live in a small community made up of many small communities and the longest elevator ride around here is at the hospital where you go from the 2nd to the 6th floor. Mostly you share the elevator with a gurney and orderly, rather than groups of people. Much preferred that way.
    lenie recently posted…Twitter Basics: Know These to Twitter SmarterMy Profile

  9. This made me laugh. Although I am more introverted than extroverted, I would not be that uncomfortable in most of these situations except for the one with the bug. What would make me uncomfortable is any jerking of the elevator or odd mechanical noises.
    Donna Janke recently posted…Hearst Castle: Hilltop Opulence and ArtMy Profile

  10. When I read this post, something occurred to me. You mentioned personal space, I wonder how being an introvert in other countries differs than ours. In japan, there is NO personal space, elevators and trains are packed.
    The flip side could be true to, some cultures have a larger personal space than us North Americans. Makes me wonder about being an introvert in other countries and cultures.

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