Monetize a blog, Introverts and Ambiverts, and more Blog Round-up 19 from #introvert inspirer

In honor of International Strategic Thinking Month: would you scan over this week’s blog round and pick out just one post to read. Isn’t that one of the best uses of our time?

Choose a topic to read:

Monetize a blog, Introverts and Ambiverts, and more Blog Round-up 19 from #introvert inspirer

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5 Top Weekly Blog posts, week 14, from #Introvert Inspirer

This week’s round-up has an additional category for authors or authors-want-to-be in addition to introvert and social media topics of interest.

For a variety of interests there is 1) a post on branding, 2) one on the psychology of color for marketing, 3) effective ways to repurpose content saving time.

These are followed by 5) how many types of introverts there are (with a bonus link to the original quiz for introverts).

And do let me know if you like this new feature, 5) for authors and writers, whether indie published or traditional publishing.

5 Top Weekly Blog posts, week 14, from #Introvert Inspirer

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Make Your List: People Who Lead Introvert Conversations on Twitter

Often when I blog or write a chapter for a book, I use lists. On Twitter one of the lists I created and follow is named, innie-talk, , of people who lead introvert conversations on Twitter.

For the most part, people love to use and write lists. On occasion as you may know I have used to create various lists like:

Quotations and funny sayings to make any introvert proud

Introvert Video Arcade: For, By and About #Introverts

This week one of the co-founders of, Nick Kellet, asked me to consider pulling one of my Twitter lists into during their Beta test. Huh? I was curious about why, and asked what would be the benefit.[Continue Reading…]

Grateful for Etiquette of Responsible Guest Bloggers

One of my hangouts for bloggers is My Blog Guest, a blogging community centered on guest posts. It is just one place that I am grateful for etiquette of some responsible guest bloggers. Ann Smarty, a well-known blogger and social media user has been guest blogging and building relationships in the blogosphere for years. At her community you get both guest posts and can offer your own articles. They have also  just launched a holiday contest.

If you blog you know how guest blogging is one marketing tool to help build your online presence. Through this method, you can gain traffic, build your brand and grow your list. These are all important benefits for an online business.

I both receive daily requests from potential guest bloggers and am a frequent guest blogger. Most of the requests I get never make it to my blog because they fall short of impressing me as a responsible guest blogger.

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Publisher And Author: Book Marketing

marketing-mixMarketing is on my mind although Communication Toolkit for Introverts: Top Skills for Everyday Business Situations is not due for release until February or March 2014. You have some questions about marketing.

If you are interested how this series about the process of publishing a book the traditional route started, read here, How a publisher selects your work: a publisher knocked before I thought about a book

Then the blog series about publisher and author relationship being with the first round of answering questions,  How a publisher might select your work: how do you get found?

This is the one blog post with some of the most comments, Publisher and Author: Tribe, Timelines and Discipline

More back blog post references for this series next time.

My background is sales and marketing and so I am starting to research best practices of collaborating as publisher and author for book marketing on my non-writing days. Here is what you are asking:[Continue Reading…]

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