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marketing-mixMarketing is on my mind although Communication Toolkit for Introverts: Top Skills for Everyday Business Situations is not due for release until February or March 2014. You have some questions about marketing.

If you are interested how this series about the process of publishing a book the traditional route started, read here, How a publisher selects your work: a publisher knocked before I thought about a book

Then the blog series about publisher and author relationship being with the first round of answering questions,  How a publisher might select your work: how do you get found?

This is the one blog post with some of the most comments, Publisher and Author: Tribe, Timelines and Discipline

More back blog post references for this series next time.

My background is sales and marketing and so I am starting to research best practices of collaborating as publisher and author for book marketing on my non-writing days. Here is what you are asking:

How do you know that this publisher will market your book? 

One of my first questions with them before the contract was officiated was along these lines. More of, “Who does what kind of marketing?”

My publisher develops a marketing strategy for each book they publish. When I get to the halfway point of chapter completion and acceptance, they will be working on a minimum of a three-month strategy. They will share the comprehensive details with me.

From the beginning I volunteered to help with this process. The truth is my experience is first hand how an introvert can be at the top of their game in business regardless of the play. And for extroverts who work with us, when they “get us”, really understand us, with a little coaching (that is meant to be a joke) they will find their own skills strengthened.

Why not after all? It is my book. And they are quite pleased that I will.

How is your book being promoted? 

Each book receives an individual promotion strategy that is shared between different office locations of the publisher. They have a number of marketing activities in support of each title.

For example, they will send free copies to prominent bloggers to ask them to post a review the book, there will be excerpts of the book for download on their and other websites, and they may even consider paid advertising. The list of ideas goes on.

Promotion is still in planning for Communication Toolkit for Introverts.

Where is your book going to be distributed?

The book will be distributed internationally through all the major online retailers such as Amazon, Safari, Barnes and Noble and the Apple Bookstore.

Being the collaborative type partner I love that the publisher has also had some preliminary discussions with me to do a book launch, with their help, which I am considering.


If I say yes to do a book launch, would you be willing to read a copy of the book, in return for a review?

If you have worked with a traditional publisher, how did your publisher market the book?

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  1. Cheryl Therrien

    This is a great series. I look forward to each post. I learn so much from them. 🙂
    Cheryl Therrien recently posted…Verizon House Party Is A SuccessMy Profile

  2. Patricia – You always bring us more and more information that is so useful. I love joining you on this path. 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Roasted Chicken Breast with Garlic Redskin PotatoesMy Profile

  3. Sounds great, Pat.

    Personally think what you are doing i.e. building up anticipation about the book being published is a wonderful way of promoting it. That way you build up anticipation and interest in the book and, hopefully, make people look forward to it.
    Catarina recently posted…How can foreign businesses succeed in China?My Profile

  4. I agree with the guys who have already commented. You have the ‘smarts’ and are going to (and are doing) a great job.

  5. As always these posts are an interesting and informative read. There are so many pieces to the process that it really makes you wonder how authors who self publish keep up with all the requirements.
    Debra Yearwood recently posted…Everyone Loves A Good StoryMy Profile

  6. Hey, Patricia! I have to catch up with the series but i see you continue posting very interesting and insightful things around your new book launch and your work with a publisher, keep ’em coming!

    As to your question about book marketing – i would suggest 2 tactics which i think could do wonders in your case:
    1) utilize email – contrary to many beliefs, email isn’t dead and the fact that the book will be published next February leaves you just enough time to validate the idea and gather initial community of readers who will be waiting for your book to come out so they could read it!

    2) maybe releasing the book for free for the first 24 hours in return for a review (on amazon or elsewhere) could generate initial downloads and some buzz around it!

    Hope this helps 🙂
    Diana recently posted…5 Tips to Effective Communication with Freelance ClientsMy Profile

  7. Diana, I totally agree. My email list is very much alive. As a matter of fact, true to introvert nature, when I announced my excitement of the project, some “closet” authors came out to offer to help with interviews.
    I like the limited release idea. Will share that with the publisher. Thanks.
    PatriciaWeber recently posted…Becoming An Inspirational LeaderMy Profile

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