Will You Do Some Introvert Spring-Cleaning? Or Do You Do Windows Too?

window washingYears ago my husband and I started using a window cleaner for this major part of our home’s spring-cleaning. A house just gets to a certain size when there are way too many and some windows need a ladder. The interesting process that our cleaner uses to give you an estimate might help you decide if you want to do some spring cleaning, and do the windows too – around your introversion, or someone who you know who is one.

Going around the entire house doing a visual check he: counts windows, notes if the window panes are removable, asks about skylights, inquires if you want to clean the windows inside and out, finds out if there are French doors inside and out – he has a most thorough process just to get you and idea of what the service will cost.

Whether you are an introvert, or know one, think about introvert tendencies that might need a spring-cleaning.[Continue Reading…]

Introvert Tip – Know What Your Gifts Are and Use Them

In a local referral networking group this week the “Oh, he’s your introvert, ha-ha-ha” came up. It seemed like an opportunity to explain, again, what introvert is or is not. And then I thought about all the myths. It’s time to start with those. If you are an introvert or extrovert, if you are going to bring your gifts into full being, you have to be aware that there may be beliefs, perpetuated by myths, that can cause a stop and go effect. Watch the video – and then stick with me because, we’re going to bust some of the myths wide open! And then, we’ll get to those gifts.

Introvert and Extrovert – Three Distinct Differences to Support Each Other

How can extroverts support introverts choices without knowing something about what those choices are? In reading a blogpost by Alan Andrews, he referenced two points from Jonathan Rauch’s 2003, Caring for Your Introvert. Since it was some time since I read the article, I went to read it again to get the context of Rauch’s message. It’s six years later and I believe some extroverts are further along of their understanding of introverts, although most still are right where Rauch put them then. I think it’s because Rauch’s question, “How can I let the introvert in my life know that I support him and respect his choice?” was directed at the extrovert who clearly, can’t explain the support to give until he knows what an introvert needs. [Continue Reading…]

Social Networking Tip – Top 4 Energy Vampires for an Introvert

In a previous blog post I listed the Top 20 Things Introverts DON’T Want to Do on Twitter. You may or may not be on Twitter, but my guess is, you are on some websites like LinkedIn, FaceBook, MySpace, Naymz or something, right? Geez. Just writing that small list, knowing that there are hundreds of social networking websites, made me feel that energy vampire. How much is too much for an introvert? We are after all, people who get that energy, that charge for life, from ourselves. [Continue Reading…]

Sales Tip – 5 Social Networking Approaches that Benefit the Introvert Nature

The interest and activity in online social network grows everyday. Is it the perfect introvert networking venue? It could be that both introverts and extroverts alike are finding it leveraging their strengths. Whether you are looking for connections or resources, how does it benefit an introvert?

[Continue Reading…]

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