Quotations and funny sayings to make any introvert proud

Quotations are all around us! Whether it’s quotations, funny sayings, limericks or some other word phrase, they often are small golden nuggets. A few years ago I met someone on the since inactive, but still there, Blitztime. We became fast friends and gravitated toward LinkedIn. He loved Tweeting quotations, limericks and sayings. He once remarked to me, why do we usually quote old and dead people? What about the friends we have who might say wise things? Why don’t we share those inspirational sayings.

When you are attracted to quotations, is there a reason you are attracted to it? Does it have anything to do with the celebrity of the person?

Hover over any of the ones that start this list of quotations and funny sayings that make any introvert proud. I am not one easily impressed by the celebrity status. Sometimes I just don’t find I can relate to them as real people so them I am puzzled by why would I find wisdom in their words? Other times, they surprise me and their remarks really resonate.[Continue Reading…]

Love, Care and Kindness with your introvert friend, lover, spouse

How is your Valentine’s Day? Romance, flowers, chocolate, and wine? Like many holidays, the introvert isn’t so easily turned on with a lot of fan fare about these kinds of events. At least I’m not. My preference is to celebrate as much love, care and kindness as possible all year long. This got me thinking about, where does this love, care and kindness come from? How do you give it to others? Can it easily become a daily habit?

The truth is, the give and take of displays of love, care and kindness need to start with how you treat yourself in these ways, or not.[Continue Reading…]

The Introvert’s Inner Critic: Don’t Let it Block Your Success

Introverts face specific challenges with their inner critics. Don’t let your inner critic sabotage your business confidence and success. Discover how to transform your inner critic into a supportive internal business coach. Once you understand the potentially positive power of your inner critic and practice proven tools, you’ll easily and rapidly transform your internal censor into a powerful ally. You’ll become Your Authentic Self: the empowered, confident person you’ve always been destined to become. [Continue Reading…]

Are You an Introvert Blogger Who Wants More Retweets More Easily?

Some people are claiming that 2013 is the year of video. In a Happy New Year email to one of my blogging friends, I committed to leaving my procrastination with this tool behind me. Disclaimer:I am a novice at instructional video like this. Move on if you are expecting to see a Hollywood-like production. However, if you want a quick overview of an easy tool to get more Retweets, Facebook likes and Goggle+ of your content, or bloggers whose work you admire, then this Just Rewteet, is a tool to consider. And if you are an introvert who wants more retweets more easily, this is a time and energy saver. Hooray for disconnecting from overwhelm! Here are some highlights, or watch the above video for similar.[Continue Reading…]

Top Ten 2012 Introvert Blog Posts

It didn’t start with Dave Letterman and it won’t be ending any time soon. Today there seems to be a top ten list for everything. Why not use the beginning of the year to post a Top Ten List, of whatever you want? No one list is likely going to be the same.

Here is one of my lists, in no particular order, of what I believe to be my Top Ten 2012 Introvert Blog Posts, created over at https://list.ly/

NOTE: You can read any particular post by clicking on it’s link or if you are a follower of my blog, you can VOTE a particular post one that you took interest in.

Do you have a  Top Ten List you would like to share here?

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