Survival Selling in a Bad Economy

Surviving a Bad Economy- “Live to Fight Another Day in Sales”
makes an often overlooked point for people who sell, “Complicated problems are often coated with simplicity in the way they are solved.” You will find a list of practical ideas like: “Wake up earlier. Work longer. Exercise more. Make the extra call. Read another sales book. Get mean. Get mad. Accept nothing but a complete and total victory.”

As an INTJ, if I follow this advice, which I do and will, there also has to be, “Carve out a little more quiet time.”

What do you think? What else would be something simple to include in your sales and marketing in a down economy? Add you comment.

Sales Tip – Think About Sales Follow-up Like Meet the New Neighbor

Salespeople usually have their eye on the sale; the sale is their goal so that’s the focus. How would a focus on sales follow-up be more effective for greater sales success?

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Sales Tip – Sell Without Follow-up with Your Customers or Prospects? Then Give Up Selling

Salespeople can get a selling edge, even during an economic down turn, by using the same extraordinary follow-up with customers and prospects alike, following some dog treat guidelines.

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Sales Tip – Selling Crimes? Bring in the Sales Crime Stoppers!

Salespeople need an edge in a down economy. You can get some edge from being a sales crime stopper and here are some sales crime stopping tips.

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Sales Tip – Rock-A-Bye Salesperson, Tell Yourself a Better Bedtime Story

Have you considered your sales results may be directly related to the bedtime stories you tell yourself?

On a recent energy clearing telecall, the leader was talking about the bedtime stories we tell ourselves. Energy clearing is important in particular for introverts who sell because how quickly our energy can deplete from all the extroverting that selling requires. But what good is energy clearing and recharging if the bedtime thoughts you have continue to repeat the negative?

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