Sales Tip – Rock-A-Bye Salesperson, Tell Yourself a Better Bedtime Story

Have you considered your sales results may be directly related to the bedtime stories you tell yourself?

On a recent energy clearing telecall, the leader was talking about the bedtime stories we tell ourselves. Energy clearing is important in particular for introverts who sell because how quickly our energy can deplete from all the extroverting that selling requires. But what good is energy clearing and recharging if the bedtime thoughts you have continue to repeat the negative?

What sales results do you want to create? As you begin to drift off, think of positive results just ahead of you. If you are an introvert, reflect on the perfect fit of your systematic marketing plan. If you’re an extrovert, tell yourself about the excitement in your marketing plan. Avoid replaying any lost prospects or lost sales stories.

How are you talking to yourself about sales results? Are you encouraging and uplifting as you drift into sleep? If you are replaying anything like disappointment or discouragement from the day’s events, you set yourself up for more of the same tomorrow. Any negativity in your self-talk or conversation is better served while you are awake and can counter it.

What do you say? The only familiarity you might want in your story would be places you network, marketing activities you like that give you results, just a few things that allow you to participate and be in the story. As an introvert, remind yourself how you have the skill set customers crave: you listen and think before you respond. A real extrovert? Think about your natural networking skills that are paying off.

Do you celebrate and express gratitude as something remotely close to what you want shows up? Recognize possibilities from the little things. Maybe you intend to have five new clients or orders in a particular time. You’re half way there and you have one new client or order. Stop – be grateful and do something that would be celebratory for you.

Your short bedtime story is complete with the results you want, acknowledgment that you are on the track to success, and expression of your gratitude for any small steps toward what you want. As an ending, future pace those sales results: tell yourself the continuation of how you know things are perfect in a few days, a few weeks, even months or years. Now you are clear and charged for just those results you want.

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Patricia Weber, 20 years sales training and business coach helps introverts, shy and even reluctant to sell extroverts who want to accelerate their sales results!

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