Introvert Myth – Why Are Introverts Perceived as AntiSocial?

The words, social introvert, might seem like an oxymoron to some people. The truth is that most introverts are social but because we might be social differently than extroverts, we get labeled antisocial. So what’s going on?

Since we get energy from internally, we just don’t go on and on in conversations, in particular conversations with a good deal of small talk. As an introvert I’m choosy about my friends and tend to gravitate to ones can hang in with a deep intellectual, interesting or even controversial conversation. My energy levels drop if I have to stay too long in chit chat.

The video has a different message explaining how it is that a husband and wife in sales – one the extrovert (my husband), one the introvert (me)- and both seemingly social butterflies in their own way.

Are some introverts anti-social? Maybe; you might call them a loner. But then again, I bet you have also seen anti-social extroverts.

Let’s drop the labels. Why do people say introverts are anti-social: because we do social differently. That’s really all it is.

What’s your experience as an introvert who might have been (or even still is) labeled anti-social?

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  1. […] for not being friendly enough. That falls into that negative introvert myth that as an introvert, “you’re anti-social.” If you’re an introvert please stop believing this! Unless someone is an extreme loner, all of us […]

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