Introvert PTSD Perspective How To Feel Safe In The World

Recently I met Michele Rosenthal on LinkedIn. She is the founder of Heal My PTSD. It is an organization whose mission is to advocate for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) awareness, education, treatment and self-empowered healing support.

You often don’t know how what YOU know can help so many other people. And that is what Michele thought I might be able to do with an introvert perspective. Who knew?

Here is how I started the post titled: Are You An Introvert? How To Feel Safe In The World

While not exactly on the same level, the introvert and people who struggle with PTSD share some similar feelings. Borrowing from an introvert’s strategies for managing in a loud and mostly extrovert world can be helpful. If you can’t choose the environment you’ll be in the next best thing is to make the environment comfortable for yourself. Here are some things that can be an asset for you at almost any time.

Now, please head over to Heal My PTSD to continue reading.

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