Introvert songs, blogging traffic, authors who blog: Blog Roundup 17 from #Introvert Inspirer

About two years ago 3 or 4 of my blog posts were hijacked and copied in full elsewhere online. This is one time Google traffic cop drew their sword for me, not pointed it at me.

This week it seemed to me people were hacking into my introvert ideas from Romance Awareness month: are you making these blunders with your #introvert love!  Many of my phrases were showing up elsewhere. Then I thought of the quote,

“There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt.”

Hoping these shared finds will give you new ways of feeling! Here are this weeks picks:

Introvert songs, blogging traffic, authors who blog: Blog Roundup 17 from  #Introvert Inspirer


9 Songs For Introverts, Because We Like To Belt It Out At Karaoke, Toointrovert-songs-in-my-room

Us introverts are often a misunderstood bunch. No, we’re not always shy or have a social phobia, but we do appreciate our alone time. Extroverts recharge by being around people, whereas the introverted population favors solitude to get our energy levels up. But what happens when you’re out at karaoke and the spotlight suddenly shines on you? You get up and sing, of course! That’s why I compiled a list of songs for introverts.

So what makes a song perfect for an introvert? In some cases, it lets us use our more reserved sides to perform it. (I’m looking at you, ballads!) Other tracks are a tongue-in-cheek play on the fact that we like to spend time by ourselves. Some of the songs acknowledge qualities introverts tends to have, like being observant or thoughtful, or the fact that introverts usually have small groups of close friends. In any event, these tracks celebrate an introvert’s personality and lifestyle because we all recharge in our own ways.

Ready for your next night out in the karaoke scene? It’s always good to have a few singable tracks ready to go, so check out the songs below for the introverts’ musical inspirations!

Note: My husband and I brought Karaoke to our little town after experiencing it once on a weekend holiday. One of our KJs bought it and has it still going strong.

The surprising ways your personality type affects your career

As it turns out, your personality affects more than just how you interact with your colleagues and boss at work. It also has a lot to do with why you fancy some jobs over others, how much you make, whether you’re satisfied at work, and how likely you are to lead a team.

That’s why understanding your personality type could be a key factor in finding which career path best suits you.

Truity Psychometrics, a provider of online personality and career assessments, and the developer of the TypeFinder personality type assessment, recently studied almost 26,000 people and put together an infographic that details average pay, job satisfaction, and other notable facts for each of the 16 personality types.

Check out the full infographic in the blog post introvert-personality-type-careerto learn everything you need to know about your personality type:

Note: As I dug deeper into the graphic my opinion is the study isn’t as sound as it could be: heavy on certain styles and age groups participating. Can we really draw conclusions? 

Blogging and Social Media

Explode Your Traffic with Blogging Communities

Blogging communities are a type of social media site where you join up with other online business owners to share content, information and ideas.

These communities can help you build massive traffic to your site and increase your business success.

You can benefit with these communities in the following ways:

Note: At the end of the post the author mentions high quality free blogging communities. Have you heard of any of them?


Free And Easy Ways To Find New Content Ideas For Your Audience

Finding new content ideas for your audience is hard.

I mean, you probably have hundreds of ideas rolling around in the back of your head right now. But, it’s just finding where you left the darn key to that door, isn’t it?

Plus there are all the questions that hang over your head:

Is this a good idea?

How well will the post perform?

Is this even a post my audience want?

And it doesn’t matter if this is a for a blog post you’re creating yourself, or whether you’re just looking for something new to share on Twitter…it’s always in the back of your mind.

Well, today, you’re going to put those questions to bed.

You’ll see how to create a rock solid content creation (or sharing) system that will make finding and creating content easier and less stressful than ever. 

Note: For me this is quite a unique process. Have you done any of this to boost blog traffic and reading?

Authors who blog

Author Blog Posts: Categories vs. Tags Organize Your Thoughts

A quick way to better define your author blog posts is to establish Categories and Tags. What’s the difference?

Well, for starters, that list of Categories on the side (or bottom) widget of your site is rather like your Table of Contents, your “chapters.”  These let you sort (categorize) posts into lumps of like content. Looking at the title of each Category will give you a good idea of how a blog is organized.



Someone pointed out it the last round-up blog post, that – 21 ways, 7 advantages, 33 images – was too dizzy an array possibly causing overwhelm! Who was that?

So in this blog post round-up I minimized those kind of blogs. Thanks for pointing this out.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, especially about blogging and authors. You know I am new to this social media stuff, and posts like this help me a lot. Thanks for sharing this with me.
    William Rusho recently posted…Tribute to a Wrestling LegendMy Profile

  2. Jeannette Paladino

    I’m an ENTJ and looking at the charts in the link you provided to Business Insider article, we supposedly rule the world! Like every study, results vary by individual. While I had pretty big jobs in corporate America I didn’t earn the very big bucks. Partly that was the era when women earned a lot less than men. It’s getting better but there is still that income disparity.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…Career Advice for a Budding PR ProfessionalMy Profile

  3. This is really a very awesome roundup Patricia,

    All the links are superb. Indeed, blogging communities is a gold place to get yourself noticed in the blogosphere especially when you’re just starting. Its one the places you’ll meet people that will help spread the word about you.

    Also, knowing exactly how to get rid of the popular writers block that a lot bloggers usually face is indeed very important.

    I also agree with your point that there no new ideas in life.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Patricia, I like the karaoke songs for introverts post. Think they should have added Whitesnakes ‘Here I Go Again on My Own” to the list though. 🙂 although it still wouldn’t make me get up there and sing.
    Susan cooper recently posted…Chocolate Pie In A Jar Three Ways: #RecipeMy Profile

  5. Jacqueline Gum

    Loved those introvert songs! Next time you Kareoke, please take a video. I’d almost pay to see that! Nicely done!
    Jacqueline Gum recently posted…Optimism… Where’s The Justice?My Profile

  6. Good survey that show my personality: You are dynamic and imaginative and see many possibilities in the world -You love to think out loud and brainstorm new ideas – You enjoy being in charge and leading others with your vision – You are a skilled communicator and have a talent for expressing complex ideas -You naturally see potential for improvement in organizations, systems, and people
    Catarina recently posted…How Wagner helped Francis Coppola succeedMy Profile

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