Introvert Inspirer Blog Roundup: blogging mistakes, websites to make you smarter, Pope Francis

Getting close to my 500th post is exciting. This is number 497!

This week’s roundup has something for everyone from serious to humor. I hope you will find time to read and comment here on just one!

Introvert Inspirer Blog Roundup: blogging mistakes, websites to make you smarter, Pope Francis


5 Blogging Mistakes That Make Your Readers Switch Off


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If you’re blogging for your business, you probably already know the stats.

B2B marketers who blog receive 67% more leads than those who don’t. Marketers who prioritise blogging are 13x more likely to see positive ROI. Businesses who blog receive 97% more links to their website.

But you know all that. You know that there are a million reasons why blogging can be extremely beneficial to your business.

However, you also probably know that every time you post one of your thoughtful, insightful, carefully crafted blog posts, a million other bloggers are doing the exact same thing. (That’s not an exaggeration, by the way. In 2014, there were 1.5 million posts on WordPress every single day.)

That knowledge can be disheartening – after all, with so much blog content being pumped out every day, how do you make sure the content you’re putting out there stands out from the rest?

Note: With so many new blogs entering the world wide web scene, it’s going to be important to switch ON our readers.


Facebook Enters Blogging Market with Redesigned Notes Section

Revamped Notes section actually looks like a blog this time

Facebook has started rolling out a redesign of its Notes feature which allows users to share small texts with their friends, outside of their Facebook timeline.

The Notes feature was introduced on August 22, 2006, and from the beginning it was advertised as a blogging system, even if it looked nothing of the sort.

As time went by, Facebook added support for tags and embedded images, and it also allowed users to import their blog content from sites like LiveJournal, Blogger, Xanga, and a few others (a feature which they dropped around a year ago).

Facebook Notes failed to endear itself to users in the past

Despite all this, Facebook Notes failed miserably, not only at becoming popular with users, but even worse, failed at looking like a blog.

Just admit it people. Whenever you visited someone’s Notes section, didn’t you think that someone’s blog entries were regular Facebook posts? You probably did.

With yesterday’s update, Facebook has improved Notes even more, allowing users to add a huge cover photo (banner, header image, hero image, or whatever this feature is called in 2015), format text with headers, insert quotes, and even add bullet lists.

Additionally, the image embedding process has been boosted with the ability to add captions, and even resize photos accordingly, to better fit the content.



17 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

Tired of wasting your time watching cat videos or scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed? Want to be more productive next time you go online?

Here’s a list of websites that will actually make you smarter:

Note: I already subscribe to a couple of these! WooHoo – go to the head of the class.



amazing-people-skills-of-the-introvert-entreprenuerAMAZING PEOPLE SKILLS OF THE INTROVERT ENTREPRENEUR BY @PATWEBER

This month is International People Skills Month, and even introverts want to celebrate theirs.

Wait, are you thinking (or saying out loud) anything close to “introverts and people skills, hahaha!”

If you are thinking this, then you might miss out on the full potential of your introvert entrepreneurial advantage.

Here are just three introvert people skill truths for your consideration and appreciation. 

Note: This post has 204+ total shares. It’s one of my monthly guest posts with


Life and Laughs

Tiny Toddler Gives Impromptu TED Talk on World Peace, Being Nice

Meet the world’s youngest marriage counselor.

A very passionate little girl made an adorable plea with her parents “to be friends” in a video that has gone viral.

After a heated fight with her ex-husband over a shoe rack, Cherish Sherry’s 6-year-old daughter, Tiana sat her down for a long overdue talk.

Dressed in Barbie-pink pajamas, Tiana makes a compelling argument for her parents to get along.

Note: Incredibly smart 6 year old.



Daniel Madden has quite a story to tell and so will his daughter when she learns how to talk.

Madden tells 6abc Action News he was at the papal parade Saturday on the Ben Franklin Parkway with his wife Dana and baby daughter Quinn — who just so happened to be dressed like the pope.

As Pope Francis rounded a corner in his Popemobile, he chuckled when he saw 4-month-old Quinn.


What blog post interested you enough to read it?

Introvert Inspirer Blog Roundup: blogging mistakes, websites to make you smarter, Pope Francis

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  1. Personally like Khan Academy. It’s a user innovation that has courses for learning how to code that are super easy. Have to admit I decided to take one of those classes a long time ago, but somehow haven’t. Would like to add edX to the list of websites that make us smarter. Doint MIT’s user innovation course I came across Khan Academy.
    Catarina recently posted…How do digital companies succeed?My Profile

  2. Jeannette Paladino

    I read through the “17 Websites That Will Make You Smarter.” I don’t subscribe to a single one. I once did subscribe to Quora for a while but it just became one more thing to read. I do subscribe to Ted Talks but that’s not the same as Ted-Ed. Guess I’ll always be a dumb blogger! Pat, I’m coming close to my 500th post, too, but with my scaled back blogging it will take me longer than you to get there. When did you change the colors on your website?
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…How Could You Cheat on Us Like You Did, Volkswagen?My Profile

  3. Hi Patricia

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article here with us.

    Actually these are those mistakes which almost every blogger do.

    I had also did so many mistakes like copying articles from other blogs.

    I can remember those days when I was very much new to this blogging world and I purchased a domain name without thinking about the niche of the blog.

    I purchased the domain name and then I thought that On which topic, I should make my website then I thought that I’ll create an another Wikipedia.. Haha lol

    And I started copying articles from Wikipedia. After putting efforts so many days, When I saw that no result is coming out then I decided that I’ll make a top 10 lists site where I can list top 10 things of every topic and again I started copying articles from a site named Listverse.

    I did like this till 7-8 months because I was very much new to all this things and I even don’t have any experience of writing articles. My English was also not good.

    Haha I know It still not good But currently I am able to write few lines But at that time, It was so difficult for me.

    I did copy pasting till 7-8 months and when I noticed that I am just wasting my time and nothing then I started finding the reason behind not getting traffic on my site.

    Then somewhere I found my mistake i.e. Copying articles from other site.

    On that day, I learnt that Google never ranks copied articles.

    So I made a decision that I’ll never copy any article and will write article myself.

    In starting days, It was so difficult for me to write an article. I first write article on my notebook and then later type in WordPress.

    After doing this few days, I tried writing directly in WordPress and any how I completed my first article in WordPress. Later I continuously did practice and it became common and easy for me.

    Now I am complete able to write in WordPress directly because Practice makes perfect. Right? 😀

    There are also so many mistakes which I am still making which you have listed in this article and I am trying my best to stop doing those mistakes.

    Thanks for sharing such a great piece of content with us.

    Happy Blogging 😉

  4. Hi Patricia,

    Blogging for B2B marketers as well as serious business is essential to create a relationship with the customer. Even, few of our clients witnessed better leads once they started blogging and interacted with the customers through blog.

    It shows how caring you are as a business. Such bond is necessary to gain customer’s trust.

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