No One Will Promote You Better Than YOU Will!

For me as an INTJ, all three of these secrets make sense for me. What about you?

      Seriously… Does anyone love your company as much as you do? Will anyone market your business with the level of passion and intensity that you will? No!

    When we’re passionate about something, we share it with others. Why should marketing your business be any different? Sure, we all suffer from insecurity from time to time, but when you’re in business for yourself, there’s simply no room for insecurity! These are my secrets for overcoming insecurity and being the best spokesperson possible for your business: [Continue Reading…]

    Top Ten Marketing Mistakes an Introvert Might Make in Their Head

    When you work out of home as well as spend a lot of time in your head, so many things become routine. This week my husband decided to work out of home one day while his car was in the body shop. He asked that I tell him when I was headed out for an appointment so that he could tag along and us my car do an errand himself. It was a simple enough request. [Continue Reading…]

    Introvert-itudes©: Marketing doesn’t have to be one size fits all

    Today’s guest blogger is author. Laurie Neumann. If you want some help discovering methods of marketing that you are comfortable with and that are effective, this article will ignite your confidence.

    For me a take away is:

    Introvert-itude©: Extroverts have their style and introverts have theirs. Plan and act on different marketing tactics that you are comfortable with allowing at least 90 days to measure results.

    Marketing While Introverted by Laurie Neumann:[Continue Reading…]

    How to sell to an introvert, by an introvert

    I’m currently challenged by this new blog format in WordPress so am holding further longer posts.

    This is an oldie but goodie and still interesting reading The Top 10 Ways to Market to Introverts (you know, the ones with the high income)

    Is there a particular point that Nancy makes that you agree most with? Is there a point you most disagree with?

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