Crystal Ball for Selling – Book Review of Shift!: Harness The Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers

What if you could crystal ball that, “Trigger Event” that motivates buyers to see your solution for the value it brings to a problem just when they need it? With a unique model, SHiFT (in both paper back and Kindle edition), motivated salespeople will be able to pull together six pieces to both make the most out of a first call as well as either delaying or preventing the prospect from even calling the competition. It’s about how to improve your timing to have a customer’s positive decision while their intent is still high – more sales, less delay. Read further and then treat yourself to a free gift at the end.[Continue Reading…]

Sales Tip – 8 True Markets to Recession Proof Your Sales

Diego Norte occasionally emails me articles to use online. Most of the time they are full content and I like the ideas he has for selling. Here’s a clip from a recent one about a business model that is fairly recession proof.

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Salespeople still sell well in this economy!

The Ferrari salesman who we bought our F430 from is making the news: he continues to sell these exotic sports cars without any problems. Just like we were on the waiting list for 3 years, he’s got people on the waiting list now.

So what is the secret to selling such luxury while the market is still in free fall? Here’s just one:

‘Vroom’ revs up women’s interest, Maserati says


How can you use this philosophy?

Reach Your 2008 Sales Goals in the Last 100 Days

This is an unusual year that I don’t have my sales goals met! Could it have been those 2 months of being caregiver for my husband during his open heart quintuple bypass surgery and subsequent heart attack? Add to that 2 more months of caregiving for my mother, who had 80 years old had open heart aeortic valve replacement? I’ve felt like my car’s fuel tank on a long trip – full, empty, full and empty again in terms of energy and focus.

My strategy now is to plan out each and every week with a Fill Up, Firm Up and Follow up approach. I plan to offer this as a report to you in the next day or two.

In the meantime I found some no and low cost sales related top tips:

  • Top 100 Tips for Lead Management and Sales Success;
  • How To Reach Your Year End Goals Even If You Haven’t Started On Them;
  • and as a dog lover, Top Dog Sales Secrets.

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