Reach Your 2008 Sales Goals in the Last 100 Days

This is an unusual year that I don’t have my sales goals met! Could it have been those 2 months of being caregiver for my husband during his open heart quintuple bypass surgery and subsequent heart attack? Add to that 2 more months of caregiving for my mother, who had 80 years old had open heart aeortic valve replacement? I’ve felt like my car’s fuel tank on a long trip – full, empty, full and empty again in terms of energy and focus.

My strategy now is to plan out each and every week with a Fill Up, Firm Up and Follow up approach. I plan to offer this as a report to you in the next day or two.

In the meantime I found some no and low cost sales related top tips:

  • Top 100 Tips for Lead Management and Sales Success;
  • How To Reach Your Year End Goals Even If You Haven’t Started On Them;
  • and as a dog lover, Top Dog Sales Secrets.

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Patricia Weber
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