Publisher and Author: How your dreams move into reality when you have help

Photo credit: Christopher Weber,

Photo credit: Christopher Weber,

Lately life has been like riding a tsunami with a surfboard for me. My husband and I felt Chanel, our poodle of 16 years, was telling us with her body that she was ready to leave. It is the most anguishing position for a human being to be put it to have to make such a God-like decision of ending your pet’s life when there just is no quality. I am still grieving.

More actually happened but that is not the focus of this blog post.

With a renewed eye on the outcome of meeting due dates for chapters of my upcoming book, Communications Toolkit for Introverts, it is now back to your questions regarding the process of writing a book for a publisher.

The questions that came up in the list of a couple of dozen which you are all asking about the writing for a publisher process seems well timed.

What is the goal with this book?

This was a terrific question. I know I have a goal. But it brought up in my mind, “What is the publisher’s goal?” So whoever asked that, thank you.

Before I started to write this post, I emailed the publisher about four or five questions that you are asking. Some are simply actions more on the publisher’s timeline. But my curiosity also included asking them this question. Their reply was succinct:

“Our goal is for this to be the go-to title for introverts who are looking for advice on how to boost their professional career and communication skills without having to try and become an extravert. We want it to be practical, useful and accessible so introverts in all walks of life can gain genuine benefits from reading.”


Writing what their expressed goal is, even now gave me the same feeling when I first read the email.

That is one lofty goal and I am now sharing on that journey.

It was an eye-opener because my personal goal was more in my comfort zone.

“My goal is for this to be a book for introverts who sometimes feel they have to change who they are to get the success in business they want. This will prove they don’t have to. I want it to be genuine, how-to and practical information from me and other introverts or extroverts with expertise so introverts everywhere can go from their head and theory, into their heart and action easily.”

Yes; I see what I suspect you see. There fortunately is a good deal of overlap. This can make the process flow quite easily.

What is going to make your book unique from other books?

What a curious question! What immediately popped to mind is the publisher is in the UK and I am in the USA. I imagine with further use of the Internet this is the case but for me it was a surprise.

More broadly, no one, not one other person has the unique life experiences, values, slant on things and gifts that I have.

Seriously. Point out for me to connect with a baby boomer, Italian woman, with a grown son and grandchildren, who with her husband has lived with dogs they love for more than 80% of their married life. One who is an introvert (or an ambivert), and loves Ferraris, is an entrepreneur, has traveled to as far as Mauritius, Egypt and countries in between. As well as, well, you get the big picture.

There is no unique idea, just expression of ideas that either you want to grab onto them or return the book they are in. <=tweet this.

My hope is that people will be reading along either easily and comfortably put the ideas into use.  Or if they recall having heard the ideas elsewhere, stop and think “I may have heard something like this before but this, makes such good sense for me.” Or after they put it on their bookshelf, will refer to it often.

How many pages will your book be?

The number of pages is contractually between 180 and 200. If I had to guess based on the first three chapters and preface, maybe 190. There are minimal illustrations in this book although lots of variety with lists, tables, assessments and…. more.

Thanks for questions that are fun to talk about!

The photo? An award winning picture by my son, Christopher Weber, see more at the Credits below.

Next up are your questions  all about money:

Yes you work out a price, but how to you know if you are being offered the proper price for a book?

Are you getting Royalites?

Here are my questions for you to answer, I really want to know!

What is your goal in writing?

What makes you unique?

When you are in the flow, how much do you write?

Photo credits: Christopher Weber, Managing Principal at Casaba Security

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  1. I was thinking as I compared the two goals, your publisher’s and yours was that the only difference in them was that one was expressed like an extrovert and one was expressed liked an introvert. 🙂

    I started blogging because I was curious about social media and really wanted to explore that world. A blog seemed like a natural fit, it would require a disciplined engagement with social media every week and a chance to see first hand how the various tools worked. I write now because it is an incredibly stimulating activity. My mind is soothed and engaged when I’m writing and I get to explore the world and time in a different way. When I write time speeds up. 🙂

    You ask some pretty good questions. When I answer them I discover things about myself. I’m more curious than ever to read your book. Thanks for taking us along the journey with you.
    Debra Yearwood recently posted…7 Tips on Finding BalanceMy Profile

  2. Leora Wenger

    Seems to me people will get something out of your book because they can relate to you as a person. Maybe the reader will identify with the introvert label, maybe with something else.

    I don’t know what how publishers think, but I do know readers like reading books where they identify with the author.
    Leora Wenger recently posted…Website Checklists and Blog Backup PlansMy Profile

  3. Sorry about Chanel, Pat.

    Agree with what Debra and Leora has already written. Think it is amazing that a UK publisher found you and am sure your book will be a success. Could be interesting for you to know that a successful author, social media expert and coach in Sweden is an introvert. Introverts are doing very well all over the world.
    Catarina recently posted…Saudi women – a force to be reckoned with!My Profile

  4. As a self-published author, I find your article very interesting. I hired a marketing consultant to help promote my first book. She and I had a detailed discussion about our mutual and distinctive goals for the promotion of the book (which I had already finished writing before hiring her.) The tone of our discussion is quite similar to the tone you present above. The publisher wants your book to be “The how to book” for introverts. They want to sell books. Your goal in my opinion is more empathetic in tone, as someone who has worked through your own experiences as an introvert, and now wishes to help others. It is an honor to be chosen for your writing style and your experience in this genre. I wish you every success.

  5. You are such a wonderful writer that people will flock to your book. I know you have been through so much recently but i also know your writing really touches people 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Cantara Cellars Chardonnay 2011: WineMy Profile

  6. My goal when I started blogging was to connect with others who were going through similar circumstance and to share my journey with them. What I unexpectedly found was that my readers find my stories inspiring – that would have been the better goal up front!
    I think like you I am unique in myself and circumstance, so just like you there is no unique idea, just expression of ideas.
    I hope things turn better for you soon. We all go through terrible rough patches and call empathise with you.

  7. What an accomplishment to work with a publisher! Congratulations, firstly. I am new to this discussion, but love hearing about the questions others have asked about the publishing process.

    My personal goal is to complete a self-publishing process with a children’s book I’ve been writing / editing with my mother for – a while. Lol

    I have so many other writing projects in various genres nagging for my attention and I’ve had to learn how to just take notes and then stuff them away for later. Otherwise, I just feel overwhelmed by the ideas! When I do that, it takes some time for ideas to start flowing, so my writing is not measured at all. I’d love to develop a better writing habit into my day.

    I’d say what makes me unique is my range of skills, sense of humor, and love of variety.
    Natasha Younge recently posted…Natasha Younge Chats With About 2nd Shorty Award Nomination & Digital MediaMy Profile

  8. Jacqueline Gum (Jacquie)

    First, I am so sorry about your pet. I’ve lost a few, and each was devastating…especially to childless person, like me. And I have to say, that Debra must have been channeling me, as her comments are so very spot on. That your needs and the publishers goals are very much the same, yet expressed differently. The are many paths to publishing these days. Authors need to learn about each, their value to them as it pertains to their goals, and then decide which route to take. I humbly thank you for sharing this journey, so that we can learn about this option in this ever fluid environment.
    Jacqueline Gum (Jacquie) recently posted…Meditation…Where’s The Justice?My Profile

  9. Suzanne Fluhr (Boomeresque)

    I think I may be an introverted extrovert (or maybe an extroverted introvert) — if there is such a thing. I look forward to seeing if my “type” is represented in your book.

    We have a dog in our family, so what you have gone (are going) through strikes a deep chord for me. Your final gift to Chanel is to help her at the end of her life as you cared for her throughout and to keep her in your memory.
    Suzanne Fluhr (Boomeresque) recently posted…Captain Phillips — A Boomeresque Movie ReviewMy Profile

  10. Elizabeth Scott says:

    Patricia – You are such an amazing writer and an inspiration to so many others. You are in my heart and thoughts during your trying time.
    Elizabeth Scott recently posted…Setting GoalsMy Profile

  11. You are a very talented writer. I find that people are attracted to the “uniqueness” that a new story or perspective can bring to their lives. Although seldom stated, you have probably helped more than you will ever know get through their own situations.

    As I look at writing, I am hoping to have a sliver of success that you and others who are consistent commenters have had!

    Thank you for sharing!!

  12. I love the way you expressed your goal and you are right there is a tremendous amount of overlap.. I see perhaps your goal as the ‘heart and soul” of your book and your publisher’s as taking that heart and soul and sharing it with the world to inspire others to follow your lead.

    I’m writing a book about extraordinary moms and like you, I feel my book is unique because of my voice, but in my case, it is also the stories of the inspirational women that are as unique as they are.

    Much of my work at this point is still conducting interviews and I love that process so much! I only pray I make every woman shine in the way that she deserves to. When I get to writing there is truly nothing more magical than being in the flow…!

  13. Patricia- I seem to be the culprit of the questions. I just thought not ever written a book or plan to write a book, I was very curious of the process. What I think has been great about the questions, it got you to question your publisher. Now they can’t say that is not what we had in mind. I think the journey you have taken us through and made us a part of it, has helped you as well as being informative to your fellow bloggers.Blog should be your experiences. Great info. Keep smiling, it shows in your writing.
    Arleen recently posted…Lessons from Successful Branding EntrepreneursMy Profile

  14. Hi Pat: Firstly, my heartfelt condolences on the loss of Chanel. Having lost our dear elderly cat earlier this year, I can truly empathize. Our solution, was to quickly get a kitten. It really helped ease the pain.

    Regarding your post, I find it very interesting to read about your writing process, and discussions with your publisher. I am what is referred to as a “hybrid author” having been traditionally published via a publisher in my previous books, and then having embarked on the self-publishing process for Chocolatour. What a journey it has been!

    My goals in writing this series of chocolate books is to encourage chocolate lovers to look beyond commercial chocolate candy into the world of artisanal chocolate. What makes me unique is that no one else has every focused on the idea of chocolate travel before.

    I love what you’re doing in your book. I have several friends who are introverts, and it wasn’t until one of them told me that social interaction was draining for him and many introverts, that I began to understand the vast differences between intro and extroverts. As an extrovert, I am fuelled (not drained) by social interactions — for the most part!
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted…upcoming Chocolatour eventsMy Profile

  15. I love how you described your book and it really seems like something that I would love to read personally. For the past few years I have been working on my own – ‘ in my own world’ of my Etsy store and e- commerce website. I have recently started a new business , that sends me out to the corporate world more, sometimes I do feel like fish out of water. Looking forward to reading your book!
    Anita – recently posted…5 easy ways of adding texture to your homeMy Profile

  16. Pat — I didn’t know your publisher was in the U.K. What a compliment to you that reached across “the pond” to engage you as their author. I don’t remember if you ever said how they found you, but I wonder if was the Internet and, more specifically, your blogging about introverts. Kudos to you!
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…LinkedIn Most Used and Most Effective B2B Content Marketing StrategyMy Profile

  17. Niekka McDonald

    Patricia you are an awesome writer. You are writing from experience on the subject which will provide other introverts with what they need to succeed in business. My heart goes out to you and your husband regarding your dog.
    Niekka McDonald recently posted…Donate Stuff. Create JobsMy Profile


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