Google Hangouts Can Help Your Social Media Influence

When you use social media as one of your marketing tools you will meet people who don’t just live next door. In my short 6 years online, I’ve collaborated on projects for monetizing with people in Canada, England, Netherlands, China and Russia not to mention a variety of states in the United States. From LinkedIn or Twitter (where you find me online most) a new connection and I quite often find places to meet to move the conversation along, one place being Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts takes live video to a different level and will be serious competition to some of the online meeting sharing applications, to remain anonymous.

google hangoutsTo be as close to possible as a meeting in-person, you can use Google Hangouts as part of your social media mix and help your social media influence. All with the benefit of building relationships as close as you can get to meeting someone in person.

Here’s a broad view of the treat you are in for with using Google Hangouts.

Who doesn’t like free?
Yes; Google Hangouts is cost free. You do need a Google account, which of course is free too, so start there if you don’t have one.

Once you are set up, what you have is video-conferencing capability as well as a text messaging and sharing photos all at your command.

It’s easily accessible.
A couple of weeks ago I was on a Hangout with a group of blogging colleagues. One of the members was driving out of town. His wife was driving but he was right there with us on the hangout, with his mobile phone.

Whether are at your computer or on your mobile phones you can join a Hangout.

Maybe you want to create a video interview for your blog but you are just leaving a networking meeting and that person you want to interview has time – now?

Have you wanted to connect with your community?
It takes just one user to create a hangout but everyone who is invited can invite others so think about that “viral” or multiplier effect?

google hangout effects

One easy way of connecting on Google is with circles. Circles are Google’s community. A Hangout call can include up to 10 friends live, and an unlimited number of people to watch, live. So you can invite a circle and then have some fun.

Once inside with your friends, just for fun you can activate some props, costumes and sound effects. On a blogger collaboration hangout, my group tended to favor the pirate hat, but I went for the tiara.

Would it help to Build Your YouTube Channel?
Start the hangout, invite people or even circles; then link to your YouTube account and finally if you choose, you can broadcast that event live on the air.

People can type comments in a live chat or if they have a previous commitment and miss your event, Google saves the recording later.

If it’s important that the Hangout remain private, you would not want to do a Hangout on Air, because while it’s broadcasting and recording, the public could watch it.

But, imagine launching a new idea or new product and holding a Google Hangout for it?

Ramp it up.
Some people think Hangouts is the defining feature of Google.

People love video calling in general, just look at the popularity of it, which started on the Apple iPhone. Google calls Hangouts a single communication platform – a video call, a group chat, photo and screen sharing, even remote desktop support. Remote desktop support? Have you ever received technical support and the representative asked permission to take control of your system to solve a problem? Yes; that kind of remote desktop support that maybe even you can use to help a friend figure out just out to set up something like their Netflix account.

Whether it’s team meetings, webinars, extended office hours or making a big announcement, a Google Hangout can do it for you.

If it can make Google more competitive, what can Google Hangouts do for you?


This article is one of three posts about Google+ written for this series. Please read Les Dossey’s, Man’s Man Coach, post titled: “If You Aren’t Using Google Plus, You’re Losing Money” and you’ll enjoy Mark Vang’s, Social Media Mentor, thoughts on “Google Plus Circle Management 101.”




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  1. Les Dossey says:

    Great insights Patricia. I’ve been experimenting with hang outs for a while now and I love it.

  2. As you know, I sm an avid user of google hangout. It has become a big part in my ability to communicate with others, hold meetings and connect with far away friends. That said, I totally agree with all that you’ve said. πŸ™‚
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Breville Mini Pie Maker User Experience: FoodMy Profile

  3. Hangouts is really a game changer for Google Les, but it still has some little quirks.

  4. Oh yes Susan; I know you’re there on those FUN hangouts. Thanks!

  5. Glad to provide some clues to it’s effectiveness Aleshia.

  6. I was wondering how the google hangout works, and what its purpose is. Thanks for the informative article!
    Aleshia Clarke recently posted…Trials and TribulationsMy Profile

  7. Pat — Google+ is in for the long haul and slow and sure wins the race (read Facebook). I haven’t participated in a hangout yet but I’m well aware of this feature and how it is a true differentiator for G+.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…Please ReTweet, Link and Comment on This Post — So Says HubSpotMy Profile

  8. Geek Girl

    I plan to spend even more time in Google Hangouts than I already do. Some of that time will be with you Patricia. πŸ™‚
    Geek Girl recently posted…Best WordPress Plugins for Developers and DesignersMy Profile

  9. Catarina says:

    Google Hangouts is definitely a great idea, Pat.

    Have not done it yet, but I will. Honestly believe that if I was living in the United States I would already be using it.

    Sweden is behind the US when it comes to social media and the online world. Having said that I could have been hanging out with you and other blogging friends. But I haven’t yet:-)
    Catarina recently posted…Do you test your hypotheses?My Profile

  10. Patricia Weber

    Jeannette there is plenty of time for you to get started now. I think Google+ is here for the duration. THANKS.
    Patricia Weber recently posted…Can You Count the Ways to Beneficial Meditation?My Profile

  11. I’m still adapting to video chat. I’m not a big fan of being able to see myself when I talk, but I can definitely see how it can be advantageous to use hangouts for many purposes.
    Jeri recently posted…On My Mind: Learning to Read and WriteMy Profile

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