Why Valentine’s Day Can Be Amazing for Introverts

How is your Valentine’s Day going to be? While there are many different holidays around February, Valentine’s Day seems to have little competition.happy-valentines-day-introverts

Unbelievably a Quirky Alone Day got my attention in thinking what might also interest my innie friends. It reads like it has a purpose of being about all kinds of love. In my opinion, without self-love, it’s tough to spread that love around.

Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, and even if you celebrate more than one, we more introverted can both love our self and take bolder actions just being who we are. The truth is, the give and take of displays of love, care and kindness need to start with how you treat yourself in these ways, or not.

Why Valentine’s Day Can Be Amazing for Introverts

Relish that alone time.alone-time-introvert

Romance, flowers, chocolate, and wine? Like many holidays, the introvert isn’t so easily turned on with a lot of fan fare about these kinds of events. At least, I’m not.

With Valentine’s Day usually crowded at restaurants, celebrate with your sweetie on another day.

You could cook a special dinner and stay at home. Often that’s my favorite way to celebrate. Find a way you can add some celebration with a little quiet time.

Be bold and be yourself.

It seems appropriate to mix up the two holidays of Valentine’s Day and Quirky Alone Day to bring out the best in our introvert self.

I can think of a few years in a row when my husband unwittingly made travel plans with his guy friends during the Valentine’s Day weekend. Of course, my complaining was necessary so his extrovert male self wouldn’t turn the tables and make things seem like I didn’t care. But indeed, I did take the time to self-love.

Grab that book you’re wanting to read and just curl up and do it. Or hey, maybe you’re a bath person – then get in that Jacuzzi for about an hour. Postpone celebration to during the week when the chocolates finish.


Celebrate what’s most important to you.

How many people do you need to celebrate either holiday?

If your preference is to be with a few close friends like mine is then make that happen. This year a friend of my husband and mine invited us to a local playhouse theatre for the celebration – midday. It’s just four couples, all of whom we know.

If for some reason you feel the need for more extroverting, then celebrate with more people.

Voice your choice.

Choose to celebrate both ways.

Maybe midday you choose to be with a lot of friends and then settle in after this with a small intimate dinner with your babe.

Both holidays are a day to celebrate: Valentine’s day for love and your loved ones, and a Quirky Alone Day just for you, both to welcome in another year to have more love.

introvert-love-yourselfLove yourself first.

I’m married to an extrovert, and most of my family fit that style. I think because of that it’s often easier for me to have shown outward displays of love. And just as many family members as there are, there is that many ways to show love. If you start with loving yourself, though, everything can flow from there.

For me, one of the most loving things I do for myself is to be positive. As someone who spends a good deal of time in my head, it’s sometimes difficult to notice the exact tone of my thoughts. Are they more uplifting? Are they more discouraging? But when I pay attention to them, whether it’s in daily meditation, or to just stop and listen throughout the day, I can hear just where they are. If then tend to be more discouraging, I can and usually do, decide to change them.

My preference is to celebrate as much love, care and kindness as possible all year long.

Regardless of your preference for being an introvert or extrovert, I’d love to hear from you.

How do you show yourself love, care and kindness?

How does that help it turn up with others around you?

Why Valentine’s Day Can Be Amazing for Introverts


Combining parts of previous two posts of Feb 12, 2010,  and Feb 14, 2013

Images, unless noted, from Pixabay via Canvakala

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  1. Valentine’s day has never been important to me for the simple reason that it’s not a major thing in Sweden. Celebrated it with boyfriends when I lived in London, UK, but only the two of us. In Saudi Arabia it’s illegal. But Saudis celebrate it anyway while making sure the religious police don’t know what they are doing. Blasphemy is not a small issue…

    Because of our global world Valentine is becoming more important in Europe and the rest of the world. It’s not for nothing Iran banned it this week.

    The idea of it appeals to me. But unfortunately it’s too commercial. It should be about love for the people that you care about. Not what gifts you buy:-)
    catarina.alexon recently posted…How inspiring leaders workMy Profile

  2. Jeannette Paladino

    Patricia — I celebrated by sending Valentine’s cards to several of my dearest friends. My own sweetie is gone and how I loved his hand-drawn cards. I’m thankful that I was blessed with my special Valentine for so many years. I know a lot of people think Valentine’s Day is too commercial but I feel it’s a wonderful reminder to express your love for the important people in your life.

  3. Hi Pat.

    Your posts on introverts
    Are very intriguing indeed.

    Which leads me to ask..
    Are you and introvert?

    Is that how you thought of
    This writing concept?

    Do you stay at home a lot?
    Cook a lot of dinners for yourself?

    Thanks for sharing your
    Wonderful thoughts.

    Have a great week.

  4. Jacqueline Gum

    I kind of love the idea of Quirky alone day…I’m thankful that I ave so many of them:) And I never think much about Valentine’s Day, other than it was my mother’s birthday…she would have been 90 years old this year! It’s just one of those holidays I think it’s okay to carry whatever banner you like…either celebrate with a loved one or friends or go it alone.
    Jacqueline Gum recently posted…A Break For Where’s The JusticeMy Profile

  5. Hello Patricia. I llove the ideas for valentines day for introverts. If you are treating yourself, then you should never be disappointed. 🙂 and for those that don’t have a sweetheart, or their honey takes off on a guys weekend for Valentines day, no worries if you love yourself and make the day special and what you want. Alone time isn’t always a bad thing. Good time to recharge.

  6. Voice your choice is so well put. I did just that. I could have spent Friday and Saturday surrounded by people, but opted for alone time Sunday night with my guy instead. He was all worried at first that I’d want to do everything with him all the time when it comes to social stuff, but not this girl. I need my alone time 😉
    Jeri recently posted…#Publishing: Romance Books by the NumbersMy Profile

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