Best 5 Monsters to Free Yourself of this Halloween

monster_houseTrick or treat? Personally, I’m tired of doing tricks and am ready for treats. Whether it’s a treat from someone or one I give myself, with Halloween on the calendar, there are Best 5 Monsters to Free Yourself of this Halloween.

Have you ever heard, “When you seek the truth, ask a wise woman?” No that is not me who I’m speaking about, but instead, it’s on the cover of my box of Wisdom of the Crone cards. It’s a gift one of my family members gave to me a few years ago.

Once in a while, I lift a card from this deck of 54 cards in addition to any other personal process that day, to help me recharge my energy. Today was one of those “help me I’m drowning,” I’m in overwhelm, kind of days. Overwhelm is a feeling; that’s it. Most of the time I bring it on or cause it myself.

This Crone deck card is one I’ve read before, and I get it on an intellectual basis: acceptance.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Acceptance.

But maybe because of recent happenings in kind of a haunting way, the words of guidance were, well, haunting.

Best 5 Monsters to Free Yourself of this Halloween:

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How to Use Gratitude to Manage Stress and Find Peace

How to Use Gratitude to Manage Stress and Find Peace

Gratitude is the first daily habit for working wonders for me to manage stress and find peace. Naturally, it had to be during a difficult situation! Do you know what I mean?

Over the years that I heard so much gratitude journaling in different psychology and spiritual blog posts, it didn’t work for me.

When a particularly stressful situation came up, I needed to find some peace.

It was around that time I also became a text coach. What’s a text coach? A coach who can go anywhere with people because there’s an app for text coaching! It works wonders for people who want to reach a goal, build a skill or change a habit.

But besides using a coach there, I could more easily track my daily gratitude – and get thumbs up from other members for it. Then I could see progress points of 30 days straight, 180 days straight, and the longest streak of 258 days.

Who doesn’t like a little cheerleading now and then? Sure better than journaling for me.

These days I’ve moved away from logging in to track my gratitude 3 to 5 things, because of this daily habit is on auto-pilot.

I’m not perfect with my gratitude practice and likely never will be. However, I have learned some tips to make it as much of a daily habit as you would want to! [Continue Reading…]

Why Valentine’s Day Can Be Amazing for Introverts

How is your Valentine’s Day going to be? While there are many different holidays around February, Valentine’s Day seems to have little competition.happy-valentines-day-introverts

Unbelievably a Quirky Alone Day got my attention in thinking what might also interest my innie friends. It reads like it has a purpose of being about all kinds of love. In my opinion, without self-love, it’s tough to spread that love around.

Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, and even if you celebrate more than one, we more introverted can both love our self and take bolder actions just being who we are. The truth is, the give and take of displays of love, care and kindness need to start with how you treat yourself in these ways, or not.[Continue Reading…]

Introvert Easy Self-Care to Stress Less Over Holidays

Holidays: it’s one of the times of every year when an introvert often feels more drained, in particular if without a plan or some useful tips.Between the last minute shopping, the gift-wrapping, the planning and the cooking, the week of Christmas can get insanely stressful.

Between the last minute shopping, the gift-wrapping, the planning and the cooking, the week of Christmas can get insanely stressful.

The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time for families.

Here are some tips to help you stress less during Christmas week and enjoy the holiday to the fullest.

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Introverts Holiday: More Responsibility to Value Recharge and Recover

This morning on a news interview about, how to ace an interview, the interviewee’s comments are a reminder that there is still so much confusion about introvert versus shy.

When I heard her start to give her top tips she credited a previous Forbes list, and I heard, “It was really meant to help introverts. People that are shy …”

“What!!” I screamed at the woman on the television business news broadcast.

If the understanding that introvert equates to shy is still a misconception, let’s walk things back a bit and clarify what the key distinction is what it means to be more introverted.

Many more people today understand that a key distinction of someone more introverted – how they get their energy, their stamina – is from their inner self. That’s opposite from the extrovert energized from all things and all people going on around them.

Because life naturally has so much extroverting in it, especially around the holidays, we want to be responsible introverts and take care of our energy. Why bother to recover and recharge?

introvert-holidaysIntroverts Holiday: More Responsibility to Value Recharge and Recover

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