How Are You Allowing Blogging to Expand Your Abundance?

more-abundanceDon’t we want our blogging to attract followers, fans, commenters and customers? Attracting anyone like this, and more types of results are welcome in plentiful numbers.

Plentiful is the operative word. Plentiful being abundant and life it could be – joy, peace, health, security, wealth or you name what is you want more.

Best actions and mindset for Abundance always grab my attention. When Denis Roberts, CEO of Business Coaching for Premium Coaches told me about his new, Group Coaching With Friends For Abundance, my curiosity kicked in. I’ve known Denis through LinkedIn for several years now. Once we talked, I felt I must interview him for you to learn about this.

Many of you know me from a popular LinkedIn group, Bloggers Helping Bloggers. When I heard the description of this new group coaching, it sounded close to what we expect from those collaborative groups. Denis has what he calls is a slight shift.

I wondered about coaches who might want to know what Denis does differently as a coach, and how he’s filling the gap of traditional coach training.

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Want to Double Your Resolution and Habit Success?

When it comes to mastering new habits, are you an upholder like me?

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know how important it is to know our energy preferences – more introverted or more extroverted – for better self-care, interpersonal communication and more.

Gretchen Rubin says she, “… created the Four Tendencies framework during my research into habits for my book, Better Than Before.”

If we want to change our habits, we first have to know ourselves.


Quote image from

Double Your Success of Your Resolution and Habit Success

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Small changes to slow down for big benefits

Joy-by-Marianne-WilliamsonIn preparing for the completion of writing my book, Communication Toolkit for Introverts, and move into other phases including collaborative marketing with the publisher, I started feeling: wait, slow down. Maybe you can relate to what I’m feeling. Work, work, work.

Why do we often brush aside what we’ve done to reach a milestone?

What could we do before moving forward, to stop and benefit from recognizing our achievement?

What small changes can we make going forward to change this habit to move right on without acknowledgement of accomplishment?

In my business coaching I’ve found many of us do, do, do and accomplish many things. But in our doing often don’t take time to appreciate ourselves. Isn’t that counter productive?

Inspired by a report of small steps that make a big difference in our life, for a few posts, here are some small changes I’m opting to do, to soak in some joy from the accomplishment before moving on. Hope you find it helpful and share your wisdom.[Continue Reading…]

2014 Mantras or Intentions, instead of Resolutions or Revolutions

Happy New Year 2014Happy New Year! Are we ready to take on the new? The freshness of a new year always brings so much determination to reach new goals but often many of us can succumb to temptation and give up.

Do you make New Years Resolutions? Years ago I ended that routine. It gets so self-defeating to make a resolution, or even a goal, only to find struggle and excuses to soon lead to quitting.

What I found was I would feel bad, beat up on myself and find myself going in a revolving door the next year.

Research statistics range from 50% to 80% of people making new year resolutions and then by the end of February people giving up. When I worked out at the local gym it we so obvious. I had to wait in line for certain equipment for about two months and then, people disappeared. All systems go again.

Further research states an amazing 88% of those resolutions fail.Yep; that’s what I was saying about myself feeling bad, and setting myself up for negative self-talk.

It’s clear isn’t it, “Houston, we have a problem!” That’s why I think mantras or intentions work better than resolutions or revolutions.[Continue Reading…]

How a publisher might select your work: how do you get found?

author-typing-for-publisherBeing ahead of schedule in my book writing, at least so far, does loosen up the creativity for subsequent chapters. If you are just tuning in to this either short or long series of a book publishing experience, you can catch up if you like at How a publisher selects your work: a publisher knocked before I thought about a book

There are a few questions in my mind, as well as a few from some of you. There are also questions that come up regularly as I work with the publisher.

Here are some questions in no particular order:

How does a publisher find you?

Are you ready for the opportunity?

Is there a fit?

Can you work with the time frame to complete the book?

Are you given a topic?

What if you cannot be credible about or lack interest in the topic?

Does a publisher want something you have already written?

I’ll be answering these, and more if you have further questions.

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