Introvert Tip – Four Top Ways Introverts Are Privileged

Sometimes my pastor is funny with scripture interpretation. Today the message was around tossed salad in Hebrews 10: 19 to 25: there’s a lot of phraseology with “Let us” like “lettuce.” “Let us draw near to God…,” “Let us hold unswervingly…,” “Let us consider how we may spur one another on…” and “Let us not give up …” Like Christians believe their association with Jesus is a privilege with responsibility, it got me thinking about our significant privileges as introverts. Let us continue to:

Think before we respond. I know you’ve noticed that in a good deal of both personal and business relationships, the extrovert speaks up almost immediately. With our nature, we have the privilege to balance this with listening and then responding offering anyone the much-needed water in a desert.

Communicate best one-to-one. During this economic downturn, I find more people want to get more personal about various life situations. It’s a privilege to be able to be one who attracts such intimate conversation.

Take time alone to reenergize. Our own time and space energizes us allowing us the privilege to be the good listener, concentrate at the task at hand and help deepen our personal relationships.

Be good observers. We have the privilege of exploring facts, being curious about how things work and offering insight from this perspective.

To be a sensitive listener, to form lasting connections through one-to one communication, to honor a need to recharge and to use our observation skills for betterment, do make us unique. We’re a class act; we’re privileged to be who we are.

What else do you think makes us privileged?

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  1. The power of introversion:
    Below is what the extroverts blurted out: “It is getting bigger. Look at that. Do you see it. Oh, … ouch.”

    The introvert watched, listened, understood, ducked. She they went on to summarize the event: “I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.’ And made a lot of money with the popular pun.

    So the extrovert got a bump, the introvert a profit. 🙂

    The hardest advice for an introvert:
    An Old Farmer’s Advice~ Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.

  2. Correction in above:

    The hardest advice for an EXTROVERT:

    An Old Farmer’s Advice~ Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer

  3. Since introverts tend to be quieter and either don’t have much to say or are selective when we say it, it gives an element of surprise when occasionally we pop off with something a listener doesn’t expect.

    Breaking the silence is startling. 😎

  4. Introverts are a blessing. I enjoyed your scripture references. Your pastor has a great sense of humor.


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