Introverts – Energy Assessment Basics for Easier Extroverting

Introvert and extrovert is all about energy. Throughout the day we each introvert and extrovert in the actions we take, and yet we have a preference toward one direction. For the introvert, with all this doing, there can be many kinds of energy leaks: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual at a minimum.

My friend Monique MacKinnon talks about money energy in this way, “if money leaves you as quickly as it comes in, then this is a manifestation of the same problem.” The same thing applies as an introvert in business – if you find your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy discharging too much or too often, then there are problems.

As introverts, the recharging is vital. You can choose to be a thermostat, not a thermometer. A thermostat controls temperature – like you deciding to take some action to replenish your energy. A thermometer responds to outside temperature –more like an extrovert who gets charged from outside themselves. Introverts can take charge to recharge. So if you’re more introverted, you might ask yourself as you feel that temperature rising or dropping:

• What do I need to do to help myself be more physically energetic?
• How can I recharge my creativity?
• What is the one best thing I could do to feel uplifted, right now?
• How can I reduce any feelings of overwhelm?
• What can I do to be more social in the upcoming meeting?
• How am I feeling?

There’s no doubt in my mind that often as introverts, we stay in our head to our detriment. The thing that lets us benefit from being in our head is: our energy. That’s means to tune into how we feel so we can decide when and how to recharge.

What do you think about the different kind of energy leaks?

How equal or unequal are the various energies?

What would be some other energy areas you could assess to better help yourself?

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