Valuable Strategy if You Need Space for Introverts and Extroverts

One of the ezines I  subscribed for about three years comes from PerfectCustomers. If you’re in sales or not, they offer a valuable strategy if you need space as an introvert or extrovert. One particular daily attraction tip struck a chord for my introversion preference. My “music” is – purposeful breaks of various types throughout the day. I believe it helps me to both function better and know who I truly am; play my music.

What is your space between the notes? Your music?

        “Music occurs in the space between the notes.”


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      Introverts Holiday: More Responsibility to Value Recharge and Recover

      This morning on a news interview about, how to ace an interview, the interviewee’s comments are a reminder that there is still so much confusion about introvert versus shy.

      When I heard her start to give her top tips she credited a previous Forbes list, and I heard, “It was really meant to help introverts. People that are shy …”

      “What!!” I screamed at the woman on the television business news broadcast.

      If the understanding that introvert equates to shy is still a misconception, let’s walk things back a bit and clarify what the key distinction is what it means to be more introverted.

      Many more people today understand that a key distinction of someone more introverted – how they get their energy, their stamina – is from their inner self. That’s opposite from the extrovert energized from all things and all people going on around them.

      Because life naturally has so much extroverting in it, especially around the holidays, we want to be responsible introverts and take care of our energy. Why bother to recover and recharge?

      introvert-holidaysIntroverts Holiday: More Responsibility to Value Recharge and Recover

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      Introverts, Burgers and Networking?

      The metaphor of eating the well-dressed burger while it’s making a mess, to your business networking operating at productive levels while you recognize the mess, is worth exploring. It’s possible that introverts more than extroverts, find that deciding who to further engage with in networking requires some inner reflection. Two types of energy to consider in networking are:

      Hot Potato Energy: It isn’t always worth holding on to a networking relationship but how do you know when to let go?

      Warm Bun Energy: You nurture a warm bun effect with people who you decide to follow-up. Why would anyone choose the hot potato energy instead of the warm bun energy in networking? [Continue Reading…]

      How to Thwart the Networking Energy Draining Vampires

      Business networking for introverts, even extroverts, can make us the victim of energy drain faster than almost any event. Why, because there are people who attend these events who don’t understand networking etiquette. In the process, because of our energy sensitivity, they can suck the like out of us. Have an exit plan for at least these four popular energy vampires:
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      Energy – Extroverts Here’s What Energizes Introverts

      Two potential introvert clients this week expressed similar needs in a different context: “I’m feeling so stressed doing it their way!” The “their way,” is doing whatever the task is in an extroverted fashion. Someone more extroverted gets their energy, stamina, in a different way than a more introverted person. Neither is better way, they are just different. What gives you the best results is to be who you are and find a balance with others using their preferences: [Continue Reading…]

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