Does the Early Bird Really Get the Worm?

Maybe you’ve thought about becoming a morning person? Or like me, you are one? There’s an earlier blogpost with numerous tips to know how you can be more of an early riser.

This post is a combination of an original infographic and post by Brittany Thompson originally appearing on  This infographic takes a look at the Early Bird versus the Night Owl regarding success in careers and how they live their lives. Some studies show that morning people may be more successful in careers, yet night owls are more intelligent and creative gaining that advantage over their morning loving peers.

If you would like to know if more introverts or extroverts are morning people can you help with taking this 30-second quiz. Please share the quiz too, and I’ll report out the findings.

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Labels serve a purpose but are they any good? #introverts

Do you label people? How does that work for you?

How do you think labeling ourselves as introvert or extrovert affects us?

I’ve grown up with “label with caution.” Even when I facilitate a workshop, I ask people to place a tent card with their name on it, so I don’t acknowledge them with a, “Hey you” label. Oh dear, but aren’t names labels? If they are, is there anything wrong with that kind of label?[Continue Reading…]

Introverts and Extroverts Brains Differ in Amazing Ways

Introvert or extrovert one commonality for us is both have a brain. If it’s true about introverts brains being different than extrovert brains then what about our brains make the distinctions in preferences more understandable?


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Reflections on Being an Extrovert Working With an Introvert

Please welcome my guest blogger today, Jeannette Paladino. How do you welcome her? You can say, Welcome. You can comment on her blog post. You can SHARE her blog post. I’ll let Jeannette tell you the rest of the story.[Continue Reading…]

Energy – Extroverts Here’s What Energizes Introverts

Two potential introvert clients this week expressed similar needs in a different context: “I’m feeling so stressed doing it their way!” The “their way,” is doing whatever the task is in an extroverted fashion. Someone more extroverted gets their energy, stamina, in a different way than a more introverted person. Neither is better way, they are just different. What gives you the best results is to be who you are and find a balance with others using their preferences: [Continue Reading…]

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