Networking Tip – Top 5 Ways How Twitter Is Like InPerson Networking

Can we admit that Twitter is not a fad? It’s not going away. If it is, then it will be replaced by something else, something similar. “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.” – Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz. Twitter can be one effective tool in sales and marketing. Engaging in it is like being at a live networking event.

First, it’s just one marketing tool. If you are selling in your local community you can attend networking events, get published in a local paper, send a press release to editors for print consideration, ask clients for referrals, and speak in public. In person networking is just one marketing tool.

Second, Twitter requires you to add value first. I can’t count how many business cards I throw away from networking events because the person made me feel like all they wanted to do was sell, sell, sell. Remember – follow, unfollow – it’s your choice.

Third, Twitter requires your time. It isn’t unusual to take 2 hours for a weekly networking event, add in travel time and then your one-to-one time. Both require your time and attention.

Fourth, while everyone is there for the same reasons, many go about it like circling sharks. You need to decide if you are the diner or the bait. I’m a diner both in person or on Twitter, and accept that most are there for the same reasons. To find prospects, to reconnect with people they’ve met before, to find a job or to find an employee are some of the main reasons.

Fifth, Twitter is about making connections and both giving them something and getting something from them. If you are a small business, say 5 to 10 employees, and you have a person who might not be so keen on in-person networking, with some strategizing and time management, they might be able to bring in business.

Now don’t these five sound like live, in-person networking to you? Is in-person networking a fad? Why would Twitter be a fad? What do you think?

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