Networking Tip – 4 Ways Online Speed Networking is Like An Energizing Workout

In the past 2 months I’ve been speed networking online which is perfect for the introvert or shy in business. In person networking of any speed for introverts can lead to exhaustion; speed networking online leads to connections. For the same reasons I enjoy exercising at home, I enjoy networking from home.

Motivation: This online networking venue is – without the exhausting before travel and before mingling as well as the inability (at the one in-person speed networking attended) to select whom to talk with. Having these controls is motivating on it’s own.

Music and videos. Well okay, the videos aren’t in this venue, but there is a photograph on the browser of the person you are talking with. At the same time, if the person filled in their profile, you can quickly scan for commonalities.

Energy supplements. These days, unless you are anti-technology, you have connections on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn or at least a couple of the hundreds of social networking websites. If you connect with someone you want to continue to get to know, you easily click on their profile links to connect in those places too.

When it’s over it’s over. At in-person networking more benefit to connect happens often after the event. But what introvert can make it that far! When online speed networking is over, it’s over. Just like an exercise routine, you can more easily recharge because you are already poised for some quiet time.

Endnote: I didn’t forget: the music. In between each 6-minute conversation, there is a music break of about 30 seconds.

Building a business whether you have 5 to 10 or more employees, or you are a solo-preneur, requires networking of some sort. Online speed networking, the newest level of social media, is like a winning lottery ticket for introverts, shy and even reluctant. It’s like an energizing workout in making much needed personal connections.

Won’t you try it out? And when you do, would you come back and comment on it? Whether introvert or extrovert, you going to like it.

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