Business Networking Tip: How to Make and Utilize Contacts, Not Lose Them

Networking is the art of making and using your contacts.

Too often people think it’s all about “getting,” but the truth is, you have to give to get.

Just how do you make this philosophy work?

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Why Networking Doesn't Have To Be Your Nightmare As An Introvert

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This week was a highly extroverting week with three in-person networking events. When launching a new company which has local and international appeal, marketing on a small budget must include networking. Networking online, networking in-person. But what to do as an introvert?

With online social networking giving the introvert an indisputable advantage, it’s possible to leverage your in-person networking to work just as effectively for you. Whether you are just starting a business or sales position or you have been for a while, you can use what you are doing successfully online, to help with in-person networking.[Continue Reading…]

Prune Back Your Online and In-person Networking to Improve Your Business

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We’ve been with the same landscaper for 11 years. This year it was time for some replanting. After all, plants can get so over grown they start to creep into other plants, looking scraggly and otherwise unattractive. Then at one of the semi-annual pruning I noticed the Abelia Mardi Gras – don’t you love that name? – was pruned back hard. That got me thinking, why not prune back the in-your face kind of networking you find yourself in?[Continue Reading…]

What’s Sex Got to Do with How You Network?

Networking is a skill, isn’t it? It’s made me so jaded I regularly act on “best practices.” It’s certainly not worthwhile for me to practice what I observe in most networking events because – they aren’t the “best practices,” if you want the relationships you form to get stronger and better. There’s a new book out  by Ivan Misner, founder of BNI (Business Networking International) about the gender differences in networking, Business Networking and Sex (not what you think). You knew there were gender differences, right? And this week a short video by one of the co-authors, Ivan Misner, explains how the genders differ in the way they learn to network.

One question posed in their survey of 12,000 people was, How have you developed your networking skills?

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What if your business card is your only marketing tool?

There’s an Apple Computer iPhone app that can read business cards! If the card has a QR Code, Quick Response Code, it can match that data to find if that person is a LinkedIn connection with you. Is there a QR code on your business card? When it comes to business cards, you likely want to eventually have that card be your QRC, Quite Reliable Contact. Many people use business cards, and you might be like me and just use them without too much thought. Well then snap out of it! With some questions and ideas, acted on or thought about, let’s help those little pieces of paper work better for us.[Continue Reading…]

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