Introverts – Energy Assessment Basics for Easier Extroverting

Introvert and extrovert is all about energy. Throughout the day we each introvert and extrovert in the actions we take, and yet we have a preference toward one direction. For the introvert, with all this doing, there can be many kinds of energy leaks: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual at a minimum.

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Networking Tip – Top 4 Ways to Escape from Energy Drain Conversations

Just recently there was a wonderful blog post titled, The Introverted Nerd’s Conference Survival Guide with introvert tips on how to manage a conference without pulling the energy plug. One of the comments mentioned some useful tips around how to break free of unenjoyable conversations, in any social or business situation, would be helpful. How do you WRAP up those either boring, meaningless or otherwise unsatisfying conversations?
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Sales Tip – Rock-A-Bye Salesperson, Tell Yourself a Better Bedtime Story

Have you considered your sales results may be directly related to the bedtime stories you tell yourself?

On a recent energy clearing telecall, the leader was talking about the bedtime stories we tell ourselves. Energy clearing is important in particular for introverts who sell because how quickly our energy can deplete from all the extroverting that selling requires. But what good is energy clearing and recharging if the bedtime thoughts you have continue to repeat the negative?

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Salespeople Stop: Learn Success from Traffic Lights and Roundabouts

The traffic light, patented in November 1923, happened before selling became labeled a profession. Over the years some salespeople may stray from the ethical and altruistic meanings originally given to the profession. Traffic lights and roundabouts, however, have always stayed their purpose.

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