Business Networking Tip: How to Make and Utilize Contacts, Not Lose Them

Networking is the art of making and using your contacts.

Too often people think it’s all about “getting,” but the truth is, you have to give to get.

Just how do you make this philosophy work?

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Is Sales Follow-up a Stressor for Introvert Prospects?

In a recent blog post Direct Marketing: Differences between Extraverts and Introverts, the author Carina, made reference made to research of Hans Jürgen Eysenck in 1967. Being unable to comment there or contact the author, the differentiation between direct marketing and introverts is something, I beg to differ with.
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Speed Networking: 6 Tip Planned Approach to Networking Follow-up

The only thing “speedy” about speed networking is the number of people you meet. To increase your success of finding potential connectors, collaborators or customers, it’s crucial you follow-up. You opened the door and so it’s up to you, not the prospect, to keep that door open. Here are the top six tips to consider in your follow-up planning:[Continue Reading…]

Speed Networking: What IS the Point Without the Follow Through?

If you are following this Speed Networking blog post series, you’ll find most tips can be of help to any kind of networking, in-person, online, speed or otherwise. You may shiver in your shoes and find that pen quivering in your hands just thinking about the follow up. Let me put this out there my friends: don’t even BOTHER with the networking, speed or otherwise, if you don’t plan for a purposeful way of follow-up. You’re just behaving like a spinning top if you do so. Consider what you’ve done at any one event, before you scatter off to the next:[Continue Reading…]

Sales Tip – Salespeople Find Results with Tapping Away Fears

Two of the most recurring sales reluctance problems for salespeople is either a cold call or, surprisingly, a follow-up to a successful first contact.

The key is to replace the procrastination and fear of rejection with a positive action and feeling of confidence.

Have you ever tried EFT to dissolve your reluctance either quickly and to get yourself moving?

If not, Suzanne ib Lerner, PhD has spelled out the entire process in her article, Warming up to “cold calls” with EFT.

Why not try it first thing when you know you are procrastinating on either a cold call or a follow-up call? It works!

NOTE: You can also find the basic process described in detail at this website if you are not familiar with EFT.

Do you hate to sell, or get energized by cold calling? What is your natural tendency when it comes to networking, schmoozing and sales? Take a moment to get honest with yourself when you answer this quick survey.

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