3 Useful Sales Indicators Calling on Your Self-confidence

Did you ever notice on an automobile dashboard that some of the lights are green, orange or red? And sometimes multiple lights come on?self-confidence-sales-action-indicators

A couple of weeks ago my brand new car broke down on the interstate. In returning home from visiting family, it was my angels looking out for me as things came to a halt within 15 minutes of where some other family members lived. There were yellow, orange and red lights overshadowing the economy mode green lights.

As I waited for the dealer to report findings to me it was more comfortable at my family’s house. I recounted the process to them.

Red lights and any number of  simultaneous lights scream, “Call your auto repair of choice immediately.” That is actually what the dashboard of my car flashed before me!

The following three sales action indicators for a salesperson can point to a self-confidence issue  – lack of follow-up, feeling like an imposter or somehow fearful of giving presentations, networking, or even asking for an order.

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Sales Tip – Selling is a Process

Gosh I wish I could remember who said that selling is a process, a way long time ago. Regardless of who to give credit, do you want to assure yourself of more sales results this year?

An article by Tom Sant gives one of the simplest descriptions about the sales process: Following a Process: The Best Way to Sell.

If you want to hire the best salespeople, top salespeople, you would have a profile to follow of the best on your sales team to match new salespeople to that profile. Why then would you not follow a profile, a process, of how you have successfully made previous sales?

What do you think about the article?

Does it make sense to you?

In particular number two – are you guilty?

Do you hate to sell, or get energized by cold calling? What is your natural tendency when it comes to networking, schmoozing and sales? Take a moment to get honest with yourself when you answer this quick survey.

Sales Tip – Top Salespeople Know to Underscore and Not Space Out Serving Their Prospects!

One of the biggest problems salespeople have is not understanding who the selling ultimately helps: win, win, win sound familiar? There are long and short time frame actions to underscore your prospect and with that, increase your sales.

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Sales Tip – Rock-A-Bye Salesperson, Tell Yourself a Better Bedtime Story

Have you considered your sales results may be directly related to the bedtime stories you tell yourself?

On a recent energy clearing telecall, the leader was talking about the bedtime stories we tell ourselves. Energy clearing is important in particular for introverts who sell because how quickly our energy can deplete from all the extroverting that selling requires. But what good is energy clearing and recharging if the bedtime thoughts you have continue to repeat the negative?

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Sales Tip – Salespeople "Save My Sales" Universal Distress Signals

SOS, also known as Morse code, is a universal distress signal. For salespeople, a “Save Our Ship,” becomes a “Save Our Sales” distress call. Each salesperson likely has their own universal distress call. Here are ideas to save salespeople, introvert and extrovert, suffering from four common sales problems.

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