Top Ten FollowFriday Recommendations on Friday

My first Top Ten FollowFriday recommendations were on a Monday. If you missed that line up of wonderful people who offer inspiration, laughs, intelligent conversation, fun, more fulfillment to your life, then make sure you read that post and connect with who you like. This week, there are more recommendations who also are in a league of their own:[Continue Reading…]

Introvert in Business – 5 Myths to Turn Around

As an introvert I know the myths about us and I know – they just aren’t true. I was reading Rich DeMatteo’s blog post, 5 Networking Tips For Shy Or Introverted People which made me chuckle about the whole business and social networking action. I did comment there but since it still isn’t showing up, here’s my sense of the message. [Continue Reading…]

Social Networking – More Twitterspeak Fun

Everyday people join a social media website like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more! People new to social media networking give signs that communicate to friends, contacts or followers that their stay may be brief – for whatever reason. It might be either someone shy or introvert and just wading in; it may be lack of a plan; or may be someone is there because they were told to.

Using Twitter as an example, and with Twitterminolgy, draw your own comparisons from how those social networking for the long haul, the commitment, evaluate tell tale actions: [Continue Reading…]

Social Networking – 5 Tips for Joining Your First Social Media Site Such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

Remember that May guest post, Amazon book and product reviews offer introverts an easy way “to shine”? Here is Phyllis Zimbler Miller again:

Getting started on social media can often be deceptively simple – What’s the big deal? You sign up. – or intimidating – Why am I being asked for my date of birth? – or overwhelming – How do I find people to friend or follow?

The truth is that this is a world of official and unofficial rules. It is easier if you start out knowing what’s what, and this is probably especially important if you’re more of an introvert.

Let’s imagine you already use email, search for information on Google, and read blog posts. But you’ve never joined any social media sites. How do you start? [Continue Reading…]

Twitter: An Introvert’s Heaven

One of my most favorite parts about social online networking is how helpful people can be! I subscribe to a Blogger Request ezine (more on that in another post) and posted a request for guest bloggers. Next thing you know, I’m posting ideas from Phyllis Zimbler Miller, and now, Yael K. Miller.

If you’re not on Twitter, and you’re an introvert, this blogpost by Yael will get you there:yael-km

Twitter: An Introvert’s Heaven [Continue Reading…]

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