Top Ten FollowFriday Twitter Recommendations on Monday!

Collaborating is important today, this decade. That’s one way I look at Twitter’s Follow Friday. Recommendations come about in a collaborative manner. If there is some kind of conversation going on between the parties, people or companies involved on Twitter you are likely to find a mutual FollowFriday tweet. As an introvert, contrary to the erroneous definitions and negative myths, collaboration is highly desirable because it usually means just a small and intimate groups. Here are my first Top Ten Follow Friday Recommendations, albeit, on a Monday.

Any one of my recommendations will provide you inspiration, laughs, intelligent conversation, fun, and they will add more fulfillment to your life.

    1. 1. A. Michelle Blakeley tweets at She is a go-getter with a collaborative style. Easy to connect with. She talks with integrity.
      2. Barbara Duke An inspiration for many reasons including being a breast cancer survivor. Prolific tweeter.
      3. Bonnie Dubrow An extreme extrovert who will energize you not exhaust you. An ideas person.
      4. Cathy Demers She’s from Vancouver. She asks questions that make you think and then – act. Award winning entrepreneur.
      5. Dale Little We actually just met through an entrepreneurial website. She is the real deal.
      6. Jim Blasingame Jim and I go back – way back to 1996. He is the Small Business Advocate and he and I have great times on his radio show. Must subscribe to his tweets.
      7. Jim Sutton If you need a laugh at any time of day, one of Jim’s pun’s will do it for you. Connect with him, then his blog and welcome the smiles.
      8. Monique MacKinnon Monique is one of my Joint Venture partners. Sometimes we laugh at our communications – “like an old married couple” she says. She’ll tell you, it’s all in the hands.
      9. Sharon McLaughlin We met on Twitter, then moved over to BlitzTime. She often makes being on Twitter worthwhile because she lets me know someone is listening.
      10. Tony Mack He’ll have you understand the Go-Giver person on your first conversation.
  • That’s it for last week – yes; last week. And this week, aiming for Friday to be another Top Ten FollowFriday Twitter Recommendations.

    Who are yours? Can you talk about them on a blog post?

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    1. Pat,
      Thanks for the mention. I can endorse 7 of the 10 here personally and am going to connect with the other 3.


    2. My pleasure Jim. HEY! Where’s the humor? The pun? You have a reputation to uphold.

    3. Q. How does a man on the moon get his hair cut?A. Eclipse it. #Pun

      Newspaper Bloopers:The ladies of the county medical society auxiliary plan to publish a cookbook. Part of the money will go to the Samaritan Hospital to purchase a stomach pump.

    4. Indeed you have struck again. See my Blogging friends – Jim Sutton is a punny man.

    5. You ROCK!, Pat. Thanks for the shout-out! I could definitely use more humor so, I’ll be following Jim for sure. Thanks for the heads up on the others. I look forward to the great connections.


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