Charge Up Your Introvert Voice: interview with Donna Price

Did she really ask that?

Did I really say that?

We met on LinkedIn and if you are on LinkedIn you know how these things happen.

Meet Donna Price, Business Coach, Innovator, and Facilitator, who was intrigued by my book Communication Toolkit for Introverts and invited me to be a guest on her BlogTalkRadio channel.

It was interesting learning her take on introversion too.

As much as I rehearse a presentation, I am always ready to mix up something I hadn’t planned to say. You can fast forward to any of these particular and approximate minute designations (minutes in) for key points in the conversation.

Charge Up Your Introvert Voice: interview with Donna Price

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6 Tips From Public Speaking To Blogging With Joel Osteen’s Model

writing_what_you_speakMany writers are introverts. We take in life fully, reflect about experiences and some of us then write or blog about those findings.

You may or may not know Joel Osteen. He’s labeled everything from mega-church pastor to Christian evangelist on the periphery. When my mom used to stay with me she loved listening to Joel every Sunday morning. I would catch a word here or there but did not ever listen to a full message. Whatever he and his wife Victoria are, whatever you think of him, their church has the largest congregation of about 45,000 people, in the USA. It’s got to be worth paying attention with that kind of real life following.

Osteen recently launched a satellite radio station. My husband and I do a fair amount of traveling via car and years ago we subscribed to satellite radio. Maybe you subscribe? Now being able to tune in from my car why not listen and see what mom found so inspiring?

After hearing a couple of his messages, I began to think, could we learn as writers?

Here are 6 tips from public speaking to blogging with Joel Osteen’s model.

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Powerful Presentations by the Powerful Introvert


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Have you ever felt or believed you were talented in or gifted with a particular skill and then when you try and write about it, you struggle? As a professionally paid speaker for many years I would not have thought that would be a situation for me, but it startled me to find myself almost speechless. Chapter six of Communication Toolkit for Introverts: Find your voice for everyday business success, is about success in powerful presentations!

This chapter begins by comparing the common occurrence of a presentation to a tape measure: if you have not used a tape measure in life, it’s likely you have seen one. If you have not given a presentation in your work, you most likely have had to listen to one.

As common as presentations or public speaking is, some people would rather walk a tightrope over a high canyon than speak in front of an audience. The introvert and extrovert might likely be in agreement about it!

What is presentation power?

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Deathly Afraid of Public Speaking? Take Two Tips to Cure You of That

In writing my upcoming book I interviewed over one dozen introvert specialists for the six essential communications skills for the introvert to master for everyday business success.  Suzy Kedzierski was a delight and then I learned of her new Kindle book: 10 Secrets to Powerful Public Speaking … Even If You’re Deathly Afraid of Being the Center of Attention In this guest blog, she gives us a glimpse of valuable insights from it.

“I can’t say exactly when I first became aware that I was deathly afraid of getting up in front of a group, whether actually having to make a presentation or just being the center of attention …

Although I was always a shy kid, with at most a handful of schoolmates I could call friends, there was no one incident I can point to that made me terrified of being front and center of any group. No humiliating moment that changed my life. And yet, when I tell you I was petrified, I exaggerate not one little bit.”

Thus starts off Suzy Kedzierski’s Ebook, 10 Secrets to Powerful Public Speaking … Even If You’re Deathly Afraid of Being the Center of Attention.

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Are You an Introvert Who is Ignoring Your Unfair Advantage in Public Speaking, Even Sales?

around the italian tableWhen you get regular offers to have your chapter included in someone’s upcoming book, you don’t always find it goes far. Today, when I was cleaning out email files I found this chapter for a book I believe was never published. If it turns out to be otherwise, my apologies to a Sharon Brown, who I lost touch with.

It seems it will make for a great blog post, with some updates for the more current events, so let me share part of it here:

Would you agree that being in sales and sales management, puts a person in the heart of the extroverted world of rules? Now stop, and reread this with the understanding that first, I am an introvert and second, it is undeniable we live in a business world that esteems extroversion. If you have read the book, Quiet, by Susan Cain, you would be familiar with this theory.

So, here it is again, in a different phraseology. Being in sales or sales management is as far into the center of the business world where most often extroverted rules govern success.[Continue Reading…]

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