Increase Your Awareness To Blog More From Your Heart

increase your awarenessCall it noodling an idea around, thinking something through or contemplation and if you’re an introvert, you are likely on board!

This time my inspiration comes from the pastor’s wife, at the church I most often am at on Sundays.

It was on her part an innocent observation to one of the church’s outreaches. She was thanking the members for all their time, energy and money, which helped get clothing to the people who need it in our community. The Andy Stanley quote she used that caught my attention is:

“Curb discontentment by becoming more aware of what people don’t have and less aware of what you think you need.”

Initially, hearing this made me a little sad. I didn’t make time to participate in the particular event. Then as I continued to think on it, other thoughts started to percolate for me.

I realized how maybe on my blog, I might be more aware of what I need and less aware of what others don’t have.

I wonder if you can relate that to your writing or blogging?

Increase Your Awareness Because Your Blogging Depends On It

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Pet Peeves Are as Bad as You Think

pet peevesDo we all have pet peeves?

Maybe your pet peeves are around social media, family, friends or work. We likely all have one for every area in our life. But these are just not healthy for us.

This week on Martin Luther King holiday my husband and I took the day off and headed to the movie theatre. That is where one of my biggest pet peeves showed up: people who do not silence their cell phones.

It was a delight to hear at least half a dozen pre-show reminders to – silence cell phones, don’t text, don’t call. The theatre had it all covered on the big screen for all to see and hear. They repeated it and repeated it. I just had to let the feeling around my anxiousness that this would happen go.

It worked too.

No cell phones ringing.

No signs of texting from where I sat.

Pet peeves are as bad as you think.

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6 Ways the Internet Works for Introverts


Whether you are an introvert or baby boomer, you’ll appreciate the key ideas presented in this guest blog about the main ways the internet works for us.

We live in a very special time for interaction. The growing generation is being raised on Web 2.0. For those who aren’t familiar, Web 2.0 is a step up from the internet that we first knew in that it allows us to be contributors as well as consumers. Anyone who uses the internet today, is taking part in Web 2.0. Some dislike that technology has decreased face-to-face interaction, but for other people, our means of communicating works better now than it ever has before. The internet is a wondrous thing for introverts because it allows them to be exactly who they want to be.

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The Marketing Playing Field Has Leveled Part 2

power-up-profits-kathleen-gageYou Need a Presence

According to a recent study by Cone Business in Social Media, “93% of Americans believe that a company should have a presence on social media sites and 85% believe that these companies should use these services to interact with consumers.”

To get the most out of your efforts think in terms of how you can contribute and establish yourself as a reliable resource. Focus on networking, building relationships, and holding conversations. Social media and social networking are simply global approaches to connecting with people. Be a resource rather than a vendor. Have a unique message.

A Global Reach Is Very Attainable
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Emotional Baggage Have You Waiting in a Safe Zone?

emotionalbaggageAs we listen to the unfolding of extraditing Edward Snowden to the USA from any country he’s found refuge in, we each make judgments: whistle blower, hero or traitor. Since he has at least 3 days in the transit area, a safe zone of a Russian airport, the real life situation continues to confound leaders let alone the public.

For me all the talk around lengthy airport stays remind me of emotional baggage that have many of us in a similar limbo. It would be with a feeling of relief if we could lose some of that emotional baggage as often our travel baggage is lost.

Doubt, powerlessness or whatever the unpleasantness is, it would all just – get lost – and turn into a vital, positive energy.

On a more humorous side, the whole situation with Snowden reminds me a bit of the 2004 movie with Tom Hanks, Terminal, where the character Hank plays cannot enter the USA and cannot return to his country. Stuck in his own safe zone but still needing some help.


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