Why An Introvert Needs The Dreaded “V” Word: Vulnerability

“V” is for Vulnerability.   Most of us are conditioned to shield ourselves from vulnerability, especially as Introverts.

The fear is that if we open ourselves up, we will invite unwanted criticism.  This is a real possibility but more likely is the opposite:  Praise or at the very least understanding.

Here is an example from my own life.  I used to get really frustrated by the assumptions people made about me, especially at work.  “She’s so quiet” or “No one really knows who she is”.  You see, I happily wore the social mask of reserved but professional (and don’t come any closer please).   This worked well for the most part because I worked with a lot of people who wore the same mask.  Not showing emotions was implicit and to do so invited possible peril (as in “there’s no crying in baseball!”)[Continue Reading…]

Love, Care and Kindness with your introvert friend, lover, spouse

How is your Valentine’s Day? Romance, flowers, chocolate, and wine? Like many holidays, the introvert isn’t so easily turned on with a lot of fan fare about these kinds of events. At least I’m not. My preference is to celebrate as much love, care and kindness as possible all year long. This got me thinking about, where does this love, care and kindness come from? How do you give it to others? Can it easily become a daily habit?

The truth is, the give and take of displays of love, care and kindness need to start with how you treat yourself in these ways, or not.[Continue Reading…]

Love Letter Writing Tips for the Introvert

Love Letter Writing Tips for the Introverts reads like a love letter. What warmed my heart the most is knowing, these ideas can be used in both business and personal relationships. Thank you Kimberly.


If you are an introvert, then you are already focused on the workings of your mind. This is not the same thing as being shy or nervous. It does mean that you already have a lot to share with the object of your affection, and taking the time to write a love letter is an excellent way to let that special person know how much he or she means to you. Since you can take your time composing your message, it may also be a more comfortable form of communication for an introvert. Here are some tips to help you get your message across in just the right way:

[Continue Reading…]

How Do You Find Who You Want to Surround Yourself With To Create Your Own Success?

As an introvert it’s important about who I spend time with. This is one reason that when I network, I run from those energy vampires. You know the ones both online or in person? They profess to have an interest in helping you, getting to know you, but their actions are incongruent. The conversation doesn’t move forward. It goes nowhere. No big surprise. I do my best to not connect with this type but it’s hard to tell from the get go.

Even when I select friends I tend toward people who are more optimistic, open and have similar interests. Recently I had lunch with a new neighbor. I discovered she is quite a successful entrepreneur who is expanding her business. Her energy was so refreshing from some of my other neighbors, particularly the women, who don’t work. I’m not being snobby here, it’s really just a preference. Many of their conversations are often draining for me because they want to either complain about this or that, or they stay at the small talk level.

My new friend – she reminded me twice in quite specific terminology that she feels we have the start of a great friendship – was excited about the restaurant we picked for lunch, talked happily about her business, and delighted with the fact that we each made time in our busy days to have lunch.

Why would you surround yourself, if you could choose, with anyone less than this? My friend and colleague Snowden McFall, my guest blogger, has some wisdom about how to Surround Yourself with Winners:[Continue Reading…]

Introvert PTSD Perspective How To Feel Safe In The World

Recently I met Michele Rosenthal on LinkedIn. She is the founder of Heal My PTSD. It is an organization whose mission is to advocate for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) awareness, education, treatment and self-empowered healing support.

You often don’t know how what YOU know can help so many other people. And that is what Michele thought I might be able to do with an introvert perspective. Who knew?

Here is how I started the post titled: Are You An Introvert? How To Feel Safe In The World

While not exactly on the same level, the introvert and people who struggle with PTSD share some similar feelings. Borrowing from an introvert’s strategies for managing in a loud and mostly extrovert world can be helpful. If you can’t choose the environment you’ll be in the next best thing is to make the environment comfortable for yourself. Here are some things that can be an asset for you at almost any time.

Now, please head over to Heal My PTSD to continue reading.

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