How I Turned Murphy’s Law into The Law of Attraction!

Here’s what I learned about how Murphy’s Law can turn into the Law of Attraction anytime – even with your marketing.

The Kindergarten Grandparents Day event was scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving.

Unbeknownst to my son and his family, my husband and I were going to show up at our granddaughter’s kindergarten for this special day. We were giddy with excitement for weeks. Shhh.

No big deal you say?

When you live on the east coast and your son and his family live on the west coast, do you think it might be a bit of a big surprise? But, snow doesn’t have to interfere with your plans.

We knew we were in for a change of plans with snow on the ground when we landed the day before the event. Where they live it rarely gets snow.

But, we finally got a rental car, and checked into our clandestine location, a local hotel.

I telephoned the school. They were closed and giving telephone updates for the next day. We couldn’t wait. We didn’t wait. With excitement bubbling over for 6 weeks now, we checked out of the hotel within two hours – forgoing a refund.

Standing on the side doorstep almost caused our daughter-in-law to hold on even tighter to our 12-week old newest granddaughter! Then she called over our son and our kindergarten age granddaughter to test what she was seeing. Us, from 3,000 miles away.

Everyone was home and hugs and kisses went around to all. It was all fabulous.

Then, next morning on Grandparents Day, we made our own celebration.

We even got an earlier flight home, upgrading to first class for just $200.

Here’s what I know.

The entire time we were en-route our vibration was high.

There were plenty of obstacles all along the way. Start with that snow! It was difficult to get out of the rental car parking lot, hence two tries. There was no live person to talk with at the school. No refund on the hotel room. We weren’t sure that our son was even still in town. But we never wavered – we were traveling to celebrate Grandparents Day.

You can have obstacles in getting the marketing results you want. One can come right after another.

But if you keep your focus, start with clarity on your target market, on the results you want, then you will have what you intend. The exact form you want might not come into being – like we were so looking forward to sitting in kindergarten size chairs – but the results will be there. No, no, no eventually turns into yes, yes, yes.

There is always a way.

Do you have a sales, marketing or networking Murphy’s Law into Law of Attraction story?

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  1. Julie Weishaar says

    Pat – we have something else in common besides your living so close to my sister. I live my ENTIRE life according to Murphy’s Law – and NOT by choice :). Thanks for the inspiration to keep on going towards our goal even when “Murphy” gets in our way!

  2. This reminds me of a client I was trying to sign that didn’t pan out. I pitched him and followed up and was as tenacious as I could ever be without being creepy, and he declined my business. I felt awful because it felt like a sure thing. The funny thing is my efforts did not go unnoticed. he referred me to a friend of his and I started a project within a week. Thanks for this post.

  3. jeannettepaladino

    Pat – what a delightful post. What great grandparents! Mr. Murphy didn’t win because you reached your ultimate goal — surprising your son and his family with a precious visit from grandma and grandpa. In school, at home, on a street corner. It didn’t matter. You were together sharing your love of each other

  4. Julie Weishaar says

    Pat – I agree and understand. But even though I send him away and tell him he is NOT welcome – he keeps COMING BACK! 🙂

  5. If only Mr Murphy had a nickel for each time his name is invoked. I was trying to sign up a client for a peer advisory group I was running. I chased and chased him. He finally agreed to join the group. Then, the person who was to host the meeting could not host it a the date and time established. We had to change it. The new client could not make that kick-off meeting and ended up not joining the group. Sounds like Mr Murphy at work.


  6. Dennis! While you felt awful, something positive must have been in the vibration for you to have that same prospective customer refer you to someone else. Maybe it was that follow-up?!

  7. Julie, I like to think of Mr. Murphy as a long lost someone who I don’t need to know. LOL.

  8. Rob, that Mr. Murphy would have nickels enough to fill a few coin rolls! I wonder if there was a solution to the postponement of the meeting?

  9. Hi Pat,

    I remember seeing you tweet about this. Also Mr Murphy has a way of changing if you only focus on what you want and just push through any obstacles without thinking too much about the problem.

  10. Sherryl Perry

    Wonderful post Pat! Things have a way of working out. I’m a believer in karma and I think karma helped everything work out well for you and your family.

  11. Catarina Alexon says

    Agree with you completely. There’s always a way. Love it. Can’t help laughing since ever since I landed at Copenhagen airport about a week ago, I have had to cope with snow. Thank God I have Wellingtons and warm socks. It’s the only way of keeping dry and warm when it’s switches between frost and thaw.

  12. Susan, that is the key – focus on the desire, not the problem. Bye bye Mr. Murphy!

  13. Julie, try welcoming him, telling him he can sit in the back seat. LOL.

  14. Jeannette, the sharing our love of each other was the focus the whole time. As you say, anywhere!

  15. Pat:

    I tried and tried for another meeting. The prospect just slipped through my fingers.


  16. Aah. The power of words, in writing and thought: “slipped through my fingers.” What if you – “give yourself wiggle room to reconnect” when the time is right for you. Just my thought.

  17. Pat:

    Example was from a few years ago. No need to reconnect at this point.



  18. I do love this post! So true that positive outcomes occur when any noble intention is carried out with tireless dedication. Glad to have read your success story despite obstacles.

  19. This is beautiful, artful and inspiring. It’s so poignant how when you did the unexpected, that is also what you received. Your intention was positive, so that is also what you received. Kudos to you Pat, for all your goodwill!


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