Introvert in Need of Holiday Gifts for Yourself?


The 12 days of Christmas with gifts for the introverts starts this Thursday.

This is for you if you are an introvert:

–  who wants to understand yourself better,

–  have extrovert friends or family who you want to understand you are perfectly normal,

– and you like the idea of gifts and gift giving.

Granted, I thought long about this over because as an introvert online marketer, the thought of 12 days of Christmas was initially intimidating. But then I opened up my vault and saw it.

Dozens of tip sheets, mp3s, and eBooks in there.

Dozens of collaborators to ask if they have anything they might want to give!

It’s really a matter of deciding what you might value as someone more introverted or shy, more reluctant about selling, or just needing a confidence boost. Or maybe something to give that extrovert to help them understand you better – often with just a tip sheet.

For 12 straight days you’ll get an email from me with a gift for you.

Each email will contain either a direct link to your gift or a coupon code that will discount what might sell for anywhere from $27 to $99 to just – $12.

And it’s all in the spirit of giving this season.

Please make certain you are subscribed to my newsletter to get noticed.

If you missed the pop-up window when you landed here, just refresh the page; there’s a sign up box right in the top fold of the page.

It all starts this Thursday.

NOTE: If you are more extroverted, then send your friends over. With one out of two people being more introverted, just look around and you DO know someone.

In the meantime, while you wait for the gift line-up, I was invited to have a guest column at Jennings Wire. The title of the column is, Introverts Rising. Posts there so far for you:

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Happy Holidays.


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  1. This is just the coolest thing. I’m already subscribed and can’t wait to see what comes on Thursday. 😀
    Susan Cooper recently posted…9th Day From My Kitchen – Make Ahead Freezer BiscuitsMy Profile

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun! Already a subscriber. See you Thursday!
    Geek Girl recently posted…Author Interview: Kathy FerberMy Profile

  3. Martin Casper says

    What a neat idea…you go girl! This is cool! Not only it is in the true spirit of Christmas, but a great marketing tool!

  4. Great idea Pat!

    Subscribed to your newsletter.
    Catarina recently posted…Did you know Mitt Romney is bouncing back?My Profile

  5. Hi Patricia,
    Sounds like a very creative idea you have here. Being an introvert myself I enjoy anything that makes me feel comfortable and recharges my batteries.

    Take care. 🙂
    Justin recently posted…The Personal Growth Handbook – Personal Development 101My Profile

  6. Susan, yeah, I’m quite excited about the introvert gift give away. I know YOU’LL let me know the value. I’ve already heard from people saying how much they appreciate it. Thanks.

  7. Aww GeekGirl, you’re going to love the introvert gift give-away. Thanks!

  8. Martin, the introvert gift give away is indeed, a double blessing! Thanks.

  9. Catarina, I’m certain even an extrovert like you will find value. I’m really an ambivert by my score so I roam the continuum of introvert extrovert. Thanks.

  10. Justin, I do hope you’ll enjoy the different gifts during the 12 day of gift giving for the introvert. Thanks.

  11. Thnaks for Sharing With US
    Mubashir recently posted…Skype Offers Free Calls to MobileMy Profile

  12. My pleasure Mubashir.

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