Will You Do Some Introvert Spring-Cleaning? Or Do You Do Windows Too?

window washingYears ago my husband and I started using a window cleaner for this major part of our home’s spring-cleaning. A house just gets to a certain size when there are way too many and some windows need a ladder. The interesting process that our cleaner uses to give you an estimate might help you decide if you want to do some spring cleaning, and do the windows too – around your introversion, or someone who you know who is one.

Going around the entire house doing a visual check he: counts windows, notes if the window panes are removable, asks about skylights, inquires if you want to clean the windows inside and out, finds out if there are French doors inside and out – he has a most thorough process just to get you and idea of what the service will cost.

Whether you are an introvert, or know one, think about introvert tendencies that might need a spring-cleaning.

Will You Do Some Introvert Spring-Cleaning? Or Do You Do Windows Too?

Counting the windows. How many false assumptions to you have about introversion? If you believe you are aloof, you will be. If you think you don’t have anything to contribute to a discussion, you won’t. If you feel you can’t give a powerful presentation, it will fall flat. Identify what limiting beliefs or false assumptions you have about introverts.

Windowpanes are removable. In the gated community I live, about a year after we moved in, I appealed to the Board to remove the ones we have, but they denied that option. I learned that historically, true-divided-light windows had individually panes of glass within the grills. But that was inefficient and prone to drafts. Just like today’s more modern windows, introverts can choose to learn more social skills if they are lacking. Those who are extroverts can encourage them to do so. As you learn social skills you can take them from one social environment to another. And, when you want to recharge, you can leave them off.

Keep your skylights clean. In 30 years in business if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it more times: “You are not an introvert!” This usually happens either when I give a speaking engagement, workshop training or attend a networking event. I actually love extroverting like this – on my terms. I plan around them to have enough me-only time that my energy is present for the good of all. What prompted me to stay the course in my work is what a friend said, who has long time passed away. When I wanted to retire, because I could, he said, “But you cannot to this. You have too many people yet to hear your message.” Be open to encouragement that can shine more light on the total of you even if you have to add to your skill set or change some things to do it.

Clean windows both inside and out. Authenticity is difficult to both be and to spot these days. Online social media can keep the introvert behind the scenes, and use that as a façade. This is often someone who is only able to look out but not let others look in.

Do you have French doors? These kinds of doors are pretty functional inside and out of a house right? They usually separate spaces. Why separate spaces? For the – yes, privacy. But French doors in particular, whether they are inside or out, draw attention to something because they are mostly windowpanes. As introverts we like the private space and time. Keep in mind that even though so much in our work and personal life require extroverting skills, like giving a presentation, attending a party or “being sociable,” at the end of the day, those doors can close. You want to learn to manage your window to and from the outside to have the energy being the best you.

If you are an introvert you might use a great deal of energy to keep who you truly are behind dirty windows. Windows, meaning things like living under false assumptions, being unwilling to spread your wings or little know-how about being the best you that you are already, are worth paying attention.

“At worst, a house unkept cannot be so distressing as a life unlived.” —Rose Macaulay, author.

It’s a balance act for the introvert who wants to bring their best into their life and relationships.

photo credit: spike55151 via photopin cc

How could some spring-cleaning help you bring all the best of you to life and relationships?

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  1. I love the comparison with interverts to window cleaning. It really resonated with me, especially because I’m contacting my window cleaner to work on my windows right now… LOL. Remembering to check our perceptions about oursekves (and others) both inside and out is a good thing to do, but not always done.
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Guest Post By Jon Jefferson/Guinness Irish Stout: BeerMy Profile

  2. Geek Girl

    I agree with Susan. This was a great comparison for introverts. It makes a lot of sense.
    Geek Girl recently posted…Motivational Monday 3/18My Profile

  3. Jeannette Paladino

    I’ve never heard an introvert compared to French doors before but I like the metaphor. You may be able to hide behind them but people can still see you. So you’ve got to decide how and when you want to be seen. It’s your choice.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…Would You Pay $5 million for a Headline?My Profile

  4. Interesting metaphor, but I especially like your list about the assumptions introverts often make about themselves. I’m guilty as charged, but continually working on it!
    Jeri recently posted…Short Story Spotlight: Learn by ExampleMy Profile

  5. Thanks Susan. It’s a good thing when a metaphor works!

  6. Thanks Cheryl. When a metaphor makes good sense, it means mission accompished.

  7. Thanks Jeannette. Glad the metaphor worked for you!

  8. Thanks Jeri. As people we assume way too much and it’s an evolving process.

  9. rickwilliamspga says

    Very cool comparisons to the windows, Pat. I’m in the beginning of a new job, right back where I want to be, and it requires a good deal of interaction, presenting, and simply “being on”. The coolest thing is the amount of passion I have for what I’m doing….and also recently learning that’s it’s ok to let that passion shine. Also recently learned it’s ok to take the time I need for myself to re-energize or to just to “be”. A good place, I say! Thanks for your thoughts, I like your writing.

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