Networking Tip – 5 Social Networking Ways that Benefit Introverts

The interest and activity in online social network grows everyday. Is it the perfect introvert networking venue? It could be that both introverts and extroverts alike will find it boosts their strengths. Whether you are looking for connections or resources, how does it benefit an introvert?

1. You’ve likely read that online networking gives introverts time to think before we speak, something we tend to prefer. Take that a step further, since we get time to think, we can enhance our innate ability to make that one-to-one connection. Our networking starts with the value first so it’s a benefit to have that minute or two to find out “who” this person is we are replying to or before posting on the wall at Facebook.

2. It’s not necessary to jump into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and say MySpace all in one day. You can take in one network at a time. You can create a plan that lets you be in control of how and where you spend your time.

3. Sharing and giving is important in any kind of networking. Since as an introvert you find information on topics easily online, when you find an article, white paper or newsworthy information to shout about, let people in your network know easily where to find the same information. They’ll thank you for it.

4. Our nature of not being self-revealing is perfectly in place with social networking. On every network you control how much about yourself and to whom you want it to be known. If it weren’t highly coveted as an option, it wouldn’t be an option. Hmmm. I wonder if it’s introverts who are the designers?

5. Take advice from the owners of one popular networking site. I found too many people violate the “please get to know me first” sales unspoken rule, so I emailed that I wanted to stop my membership. They suggested before I do that, just “delete” those offenders from my network. At least the websites I am on, I can “delete” people who want to push, push, push and those people never even know it.

Online, even more than in-person social networking, can let the introvert shine through on their own. It’s a matter of structure. As introverts we can seize this time in social networking if we want. What do you think? Will it move us into a rally, “Go introverts!”

And how does the introvert benefit social networking? Let’s talk about that too.

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  1. The points you make about networking online are spot on! For us introverts, the Internet offers a built in buffer – for thinking before responding and for revealing as little or as much about ourselves as we deem necessary.

    Networking on the Internet is becoming more and more necessary, especially for entrepreneurs. But introverts can still do it in a way that is comfortable and productive for them.

    Great post! 🙂

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