Social Networking – Can Introverts Find Their Style in Online Networking?

As an introvert I like structure in life including in my networking. In one way, structure to network and in another way, structure about networking. To a degree websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more offer structure. But one thing they miss, is an actual one to one live conversation that I get to choose without any fear or anxiousness about rejection.

The new BlitzTime may just offer that missing link. And somehow in the process it may more easily link the introvert and extrovert differences in networking!

If you spending time building and deepening relationships then wouldn’t you want to know sooner than later if there was a connection? And wouldn’t that mean that sooner rather than later you would want to have a conversation?

Sometimes, particularly using the rest of who I am, including my intuition or even my iNuitiveness, it is daunting to know I have to spend way too much time expending energy in conversation.

I don’t get excited about too much extrovert networking and yet, the new BlitzTime concept seems a perfect match for both introvert and extrovert – whether you are selling yourself for finding work, or your product or service.

It’s got structure: events allow so many conversations with people who you get to choose by examining their profile. And it’s a limited amount of time to talk: I think I can handle 6 minutes at a time.

It’s got free-flow: if you want to go into the conversation like an extrovert who can pick up a word in conversation and then go with it, that works. Or if you want to go into a conversation prepared, you can do your homework before because you can access profile information before the event to both decide who to meet with and what to ask.

Now doesn’t it sound too perfect? I’m giving it a try. I mean one way to know if it works is to measure it’s success and you can only do that if you try.

Will you check it out, try it and let me know what you think? I’ll be on the Power Partner Event tonight. I believe I can find it will work best for my preference.

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