Sales Tip – Introvert Who Needs to Cold Call?

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, at some point in your sales career, or maybe even constantly, you need to make the cold call. My friend Wendy Weiss, an introvert too, has some great ideas that will take advantage of the things you like to do. For example, Wendy says:

1. Before you start making your prospecting calls, do your homework: Set up your strategic marketing plan, identify your ideal prospects and write your script.

2. Develop your ideal customer profile. List your top ten customers, (i.e., customers who buy the most and the most often) along with the type of business they are in, the title of the decision-maker and any other similarities you notice. Find other companies that match your top ten. They are potentially good customers for you.

3. Analyze your competition’s customers-they are your potential customers as well.

4. Develop your list of Qualifying Parameters-the conditions that are necessary for you to consider doing business with a prospect. If your prospect does not meet your qualifying parameters-they are not a qualified prospect!

Planning, preparing, analyzing. All an introvert’s natural talent. Wendy just recently announced her new ebook “101 Cold Calling Tips For Building New Customers”! Many businesses are struggling to stay afloat and are looking for a low cost, efficient way to bring new clients in the door and generate revenue in today’s economy. Are you?

Cold calling is a time tested tool to prospect and generate new revenue. When done effectively it is a targeted, cost efficient way to develop new business. There ARE businesses thriving in the current marketplace using updated cold calling methods targeted for recession weary prospects.

What do you think? Can you pick up that telephone? Or could you use a little help? Check out what Wendy has to say about the new ebook now.

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