Introvert and Extrovert – Get Out of the Grip of Sales Cold Calling

Introverts or extrovert, either new to sales or needing to replenish a slow building prospect base, may find themselves needing to cold call, Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling offers some tips to release yourself from the likely cold call reluctance in her guest blog post today:

1. A cold call is not life or death. If someone says ‘no’ to you, no one will die. You will not destroy your life or that of innocent passers by. Your company will not fold; the world as we know it today will not come to an end. It is only a phone call. Loosen up, be creative, and have some fun with it.

2. Be yourself. Be genuine. No one wants to deal with a phony. It is okay to simply be yourself, selling a product or service in which you believe. Prepare, so that nothing will surprise or stop you. Continue being a thinking human being. Listen actively. Focus on the conversation you are having with your prospect and only on that conversation.

3. Remember to breathe. Sometimes, when people get nervous, they forget to breathe. Breathing relaxes and grounds you. Take deep breaths; fill your lungs with air. If you find you have this problem, do some breathing exercises before you pick up the telephone. These exercises can be as simple as closing your eyes and taking deep breaths in and out. Try breathing in for four counts and out for four counts. And focus on your breath. You can also sit in a chair and breathe into each vertebra of your spine. Also try moving around. Move your shoulders, head and arms; shake out your legs.

In particular if you are an introvert, re-read points 2 and 3. Remember that being reluctant in any part of selling, is such a negative energy that before we do move ahead and engage in action, we’ll be more attractive if we are in our normal relaxed state and feeling good.

Wendy, in my early days of selling, I had your title: it was from the way I carried a tray of Dun & Bradstreet companies with contact information. Before computers were fairly much commonplace. I would sit with these cards in front of me and just flip through each card, picking up the telephone and counting the number of no’s, knowing – a yes was soon to come.

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  1. Remember to breathe.! LOL. Funny, but so true. Who would forget to breath? I have… and thinking about breathing is very good advice.

    Pat, I think you tag line should read something like: Introverts, Pats got your back. Extroverts, Pat won’t stab you in the back. πŸ™‚

    “The habit of Gratitude… Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions on the planet.”~KimFulcher Focusing on what I have… little things like socks, gas in the tank, indoor toilets.. and so on helps me focused on the good and I come to meeting, calls and other relationships from a much better place.

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