Staying focused, brain on technology, smell the roses, introvert in graphs #Blog Round-up from #introvert inspirer

My round-up blog numbers were escaping me. My fix is – let them go! This is my weekly round-up.

I want to stay focused on blogging tasks and slow down and smell the roses too! Without our brain what can we do? Heck, not even enjoy the graphs.

Disclaimer: usually these are blog posts from other bloggers and rarely, my writing. Sharing good content from across the web for you that you might not have seen.


Staying focused, brain on technology, smell the roses, introvert in graphs #Blog Round-up from #introvert inspirer



introvert-graphs17 Graphs That Are Way Too Real For Introverts

You say party o’clock, I say bedtime.

Note: My favorite is #10! If you check this one out, do let me know your favorite. Of course, this is scannable and actually, I just gave you all the words in it so, maybe look at it as well as your first choice.


Train Your Brain to Stay Focused on Blogging Tasks

You’ve probably heard the latest studies that multitasking may not be as productive as people once thought it was. According to an article on Entrepreneur, our brains hone in on distractions. The brain grabs our attention because the distraction signals change and change can signal danger.

David Rock, the co-founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute states that multitasking drops a person’s IQ. We love the feeling of multitasking, too. Our brains get excited over multitasking, but this is not the most efficient way to work.

Read about some things you can do to train your brain to stay focused on a single task and avoid the trap of keeping so many different tabs open on your computer screen and in your brain.

Social media

The Impact of Technology on Your Brain

It’s 2015, and there’s no denying it: We live in an era of hyper-connectivity. We are constantly being bombarded with information—text, image, and video sweep into our consciousness night and day, flowing at us from our many screens. We’re pinged for urgent emails and random miscellany alike. Every buzz has the potential to be the day’s most important message. Usually, though, it’s nothing. Dan Cooper likes your photo.

No matter. Our devices are like technological extensions of ourselves, and as such, we have a really hard time putting them down.

Fifty-four thousand words: that’s how much textual information—in the form of digital content—is dumped on the average social media user per day.

NOTE – What does this do to our brains?

Life and Health

Slow down and smell the rosessmell-the-roses

Consider, could you live your life savouring every moment, or do you need (choose) to rush?

Consider, do you think you can get their faster with rushing… Now if you can then you may want to question that assumption…

On today’s step of the journey through your mind… I’m going to briefly mention a few things which may stick in your mind… Or may not… We shall see!

It doesn’t matter if they do or do not. What matters is the seed is planted for later on…

The main purpose of today is to give you a few very special and powerful moments.

The whole world is full up with Mr and Mrs Bumps.

Let’s begin…


tough-on-a-coldTougher Than Anything on a Cold – Also Brilliant for Serious Conditions

Most people consider it an interruption to more important activities, but a slight paradigm shift could save your health from the ravages of not only the common cold, but also serious health bombs like stroke, heart attack, pain, and early death. Try it today.

A 2013 Gallup poll suggests close to 40 percent of us are in this category of being at risk.

That’s it for Staying focused, brain on technology, smell the roses, introvert in graphs #Blog Round-up from #introvert inspirer

Would you let me know which one you read?

What did you like about it?



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  1. Personally like this quote: “our brains hone in on distractions. The brain grabs our attention because the distraction signals change and change can signal danger.” That’s so true. It also applies to how we listen because if we don’t listen with an open mind, empathy and with an open self we don’t come up with creative ideas and innovate. Instead judgement, cynisism and fear take over, which is not good for any of us regardless if we are introvert or not.

  2. Slow down and smell the roses has been a saying I heard as a kid which was way before the hyper-connectivity of today. I agree with you on everything in this article but couldn’t help thinking like everything else; when we say slow down today, the speed to which we slow is fast compared to a decade ago. Is this going to be a never-ending way of life?
    Tim recently posted…Adventure BotswanaMy Profile

  3. Jacqueline Gum

    I loved all of these Patricia. In terms of the graphs, I love #15!!!! SO me! I used to rail on about multi-tasking (doesn’t work) and was thought to be “slow”! Hahaha! Now that there is research to support my position, people assume I have jumped on the bandwagon! LOL As to smelling the roses, I want to very much, but those years do fly by and I have this thing I absolutely need to accomplish…it does make me frazzled sometimes. Interesting to know why the time flys by so quickly as we age. This si your best round-up yet friend! Each was engaging and so informative. Thank YOU!
    Jacqueline Gum recently posted…Karma… Where’s The Justice?My Profile

  4. Hi Patricia, there are some great ones included here. But I love the graphs, true and funny. I especially like #8, reminds of the YouTube video on bitchy resting face. Have you seen that one? Pretty amusing. 🙂

  5. Hi Patricia,

    I love roundups and meeting new bloggers to me through them. I’m really interested in the article titled “The Impact of Technology on Your Brain.”

    There is no question that it’s having both a positive and negative effect and our brains re-wire themselves according the stimuli we put into them through various media.

    It’s good to catch up with you on your blog and I hope all is well?

    Chat soon!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted…Why You Have Branding Wrong and How to Get it Right for Massive GrowthMy Profile

  6. Krystyna Lagowski

    We definitely need to stop and smell the roses, not just to give ourselves a break, but to observe how other species on our planet thrive. One of my favourite things is to watch a sparrow take a dirt bath – how on earth did they figure that out? There are often several indulging in a dirt cleansing at the same time, and I wonder if it’s by design or a coincidence? We need to shake up our routines and ways of doing things, which definitely gets more challenging as we get older!
    Krystyna Lagowski recently posted…Chasing after the last sunny days of summer in a 2015 Honda Civic SiMy Profile

  7. Hi Pat. I WISH I had time to slow down and smell the roses. But as a full-time caregiver who tries to fit in a wee bit of time for my work and career, it’s pretty hard to do all that plus keep the house and yard in reasonable condition. We find we are outsourcing an increasing amount of chores so that I can stay sane, as my husband is able to do very little due to failing health. So as much as multi-tasking is not the best way to live, it is the only way I can function at this moment in time.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted…Velas Vallarta: a great place to stay in PVMy Profile

  8. Ken Dowell

    It is totally logical that multitasking isn’t as effective or as efficient as uni-tasking. But focus is easier said than done in a world where digital and distraction are almost synonyms.

  9. In the graph section I identified with number 4 the most – I like friend time but I also very much like me time.
    As to smelling the roses, I’ve been doing that, literally everyday this past summer. I have some lovely fragrant ones growing in my garden.
    Multi-tasking – was a whiz at it one time – now not so much – don’t distract me from my one train of though.
    Love these roundups.
    Lenie recently posted…Cooking Tips for Reluctant CooksMy Profile

  10. I guess the contradiction of rushing around with technology, and taking the time to smell the roses.
    I must take the time to smell the roses, to appreciate what I have in this world. When I do this, work, technology does not exist. They will be there when I am done enjoying life.
    William Rusho recently posted…Last Fair of the Year and the Hyde CollectionMy Profile

  11. Great collection and that list of Introvert traits was excellent. As far as the sleep thing, I honestly don’t even remember the last time i had a cold, but I have fallen into a terrible pattern of crashing in the afternoon and sleeping until midnight, then getting up and working until 3 and then going to sleep until 7 or 8 am. Awful i know, but I blame the weather. It’s been so HOT that it’s just miserable and so I’ve been working during the cooler hours and sleeping when it’s too hot to think. I kept telling myself this would be over by now since October is just next week, but now they say El Nino will last through next spring so looks like we’ll just have to find a way to adjust. Thanks for the great reads.
    Marquita Herald recently posted…Create a Personal Motto to Stay Focused on What Really MattersMy Profile

  12. Number ten on the list of introvert graphs truly is spot-on in so many ways. That relief that is felt when finally getting away from the maddening crowd is something only an introvert can truly understand.
    Jeri recently posted…#Editor: Freelance Editing Contract TemplateMy Profile

  13. Hello Patrica,

    I am worried after learning that reports suggest that multi tasking is not good for our brain. I am actually more inclined towards multitasking and just cannot focus on one area at a time.

    Need to change this habit soon, I guess.
    Tuhin recently posted…Is your child becoming a liar?My Profile

  14. Jeannette Paladino

    Patricia — I read the smell the roses post. Since moving to Florida, I’ve purposely not signed up for a bunch of new associations, clubs, etc. I’m a “joiner,” the one who always raises her hand when someone asks for volunteer. I’m sitting on my hands at a luncheon I’m attending tomorrow. It’s a woman’s group whose only purpose is to have fun at their monthly luncheon. I looked at their committees and — no kidding — there is a committee for name badges. Now that’s something I could take on! BTW, roses no longer have a fragrance in case you haven’t noticed. I think they grow them in hot houses. Look nice but no perfume.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted…How Could You Cheat on Us Like You Did, Volkswagen?My Profile

  15. I read through the “Train Your Brain to Stay Focused on Blogging Tasks” article. I myself am not a multitasker; in fact, I often find it difficult to concentrate on even one task at a time. I am somewhat clumsy as it is, and if I try to multitask it becomes that much more likely that I will drop things, spill things, and knock things over. No thanks.
    Andy recently posted…Profiles in PC Poisoning, Part 7My Profile

  16. Great round up Pat. I particularly enjoyed reading the smell the roses blog. I’ve increasingly realized as I’ve aged how important it is to stop rushing and to enjoy the simple things around us. These are often the best moments, not necessarily the big moments as we tend to think of them. Great selection. Thank you:-)
    A.K.Andrew recently posted…Lack of fREADom Sucks…No More Banned #BooksMy Profile

  17. Patricia- What I have noticed is that I get more done when I take time to smell the roses as I do rushing around to get it done. My new motto has been that it will be there tomorrow. When I think like that and stop stressing it gets done before tomorrow. Interesting I am an extrovert and liked number 12. Go figure.
    Arleen recently posted…New Google Logo and How an Updated Logo Reflects Your BusinessMy Profile

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