Top Salespeople Stay in Touch with Prospects and Customers

While November 10th is a general Forget-Me-Not Day, salespeople can take advantage of it to build into their follow-up plan if they have missed a few touches throughout the year. It would be especially beneficial for those customers whom you haven’t seen in a while. You don’t want them to forget you, do you?!

Here are some great ways to celebrate National Forget Me Not Day:

    – Send Forget Me Not Day ecards to everyone on your email address book.

    – Send Forget Me Not gifts to clients you haven’t seen in a while.

    – Give Forget Me Not flower seed packets to prospects and friends. Seed packets are inexpensive and easy to mail.

    – Phone people you haven’t seen in a while and wish them a happy National Forget Me Not Day.

    – Do you know a client or prospect or referral partner who likes flowers? Forget-Me-Not’s are actual flowers you can send to them.

    – Do you have a photo of a memorable event with a customer? What about with one of your best alliance partners? Send them a customized photo card with a sentence or two that remembers the event. Free GIFT for you: send a card now! I’ve paid for it for you.

    – Invite a previous or inactive client for coffee or lunch just to let them know you still think about them.

    – Set aside an hour that you can devote to doing small tasks for any prospect, client or connector who you talk to throughout the day.

    – Schedule part of the day to visit your clients and take a photo of you with them. Develop it and then surprise them with it as a gift the next year on Forget-Me-Not Day.

Get creative, in particular with those clients or prospects you haven’t talked to or seen in some time, in as many ways that you can to show them you remember them. In sales, people are more likely to use your product or service if they remember you. People are more likely to remember you if you remember them and you make them feel important. Use the Forget-Me-Not Day to act on this wisdom.

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